The Alpha's Onyx & Fire

Jess Buffett
The Alpha's Onyx & Fire
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JK Publishing
Release Date
April 2014
Book 2 of New Hope Valley
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more, Paranormal Romance, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Tessa Cardwell's life changed overnight when she was left to raise her five siblings. When a friend suggested moving to the small town of New Hope, she packed up her family and set out with not a clue of what waited for them there. Used to doing everything on her own, she finds herself in the middle of a life changing experience—that is if she can let go of her inhibition and hold onto the two men fate placed in front of her.

Leontis Harper searched for the woman who turned his life upside down a few months earlier. Determined to find her lands him in New Hope Valley and places him in a situation he has come quite used to—rejection. He had dealt with it his whole life, but he finds rejection hurts more when it comes from the two who were supposed to accept him without question.

Sage Ashcroft is the last White Tiger Alpha. What the Alpha wants he gets, well until now. He finds himself in a situation which could enhance his life or destroy it, if he doesn't learn to compromise. The wrong choice, and he could be the one on the outside looking in on a life that was destined for him.

With the prophesy hanging over their heads, secrets being revealed, and enemies banding together, the New Hope Valley Pride faces many changes. Join in as the Pride gains strength it never knew was possible until the Alpha, the onyx, and the fire combine.

Book Review by Evampire (reviewer)
Nov 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Left to raise her five siblings, Tess moves to New Hope Valley and ends up mated to the White Tiger Alpha, Sage, and a Black Lion, Leontis. If that's not enough, her world is turned completely upside down by the prophecy in this captivating paranormal romance.

A fast pace and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, excitement and passion. Jess Buffett brings her story to life with well written scenes and details that capture the imagination and the strong compelling characters grab the reader's attention and, along with the well orchestrated suspense, draw the reader deeper into the story.

The attraction between Tess and Sage is hot enough to scorch readers. Add Leontis to the attraction and it explodes with vibrant intensity and some fiery and passionate sex scenes including m/f/m, m/m/f, m/m and m/f scenes. The reader can't help but get caught up in all the white-hot desire that exudes from the pages, but the emotional turmoil that surrounds the threesome captures the heart as they try to work out their relationship and keep their world from falling apart completely.

Spine tingling tension and excitement builds as danger escalates due to the prophecy and others attempt to make it their own. Some surprising twists keeps readers on their toes. While I wish the story had been longer, I found this to be a very enjoyable and entertaining read and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
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