Love and Shenanigans

Zara Keane
Love and Shenanigans
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Beaverstone Press LLC
Release Date
May 2014
Book 1 of The Ballybeg Series
Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Vows in Vegas, True Love in Ireland.

Fiona returns to Ballybeg to attend the family wedding from hell and discovers she's married to the groom. With her future plans ricocheting out of control, can she untangle herself from the man who broke her heart so long ago?

Gavin's life is low on drama, high on stability, and free of pets. But he hadn't reckoned on Fiona blasting back into his life and crashing his wedding. In the space of twenty-four hours, he loses a fiancée and a job, and gains a wife and a labradoodle. Can he salvage his bland-but-stable life? More importantly, can he resist losing his heart to Fiona all over again?

WARNING: This book features a crashed wedding, a labradoodle with attitude, sexy times, and love and laughter, Irish-style.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 30, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOVE AND SHENANIGANS gives you exactly that--a strangely strong love affair sidelined by some hilarious shenanigans from multiple players.

Gavin Maguire is content. He never argues with his perfectly proper fiancée Muireann. He's just purchased the big house in the country and he's about to make their years-long relationship official. Too bad the two of them are total opposites. Gavin is more like the maid of honor and bride's cousin Fiona...tattooed and pierced and a little bit wild. But those similarities got Gavin and Fiona in some big trouble years ago during an ill-fated weekend in Vegas involving alcohol and a LEGAL Elvis officiated wedding between the two of them.

Gavin is SURE he paid off Elvis to not file the papers, and if he hurt Fiona in the process, well what did she expect, they were drunk! But the past comes back with a vengeance when Fiona discovers the two of them are actually still married and rushes to the church to break up a wedding! Muireann is devastated, but her parents are even more distraught, causing a lot of problems for Gavin and Fiona both as they try to figure their way out of this mess! But the more time they spend together, the more the feelings that prompted them to tie the knot in the first place come back to life. Can the two of them overcome some pretty substantial obstacles and "save" their marriage?

LOVE AND SHENANEGANS is the first book in the upcoming Ballybeg series and it was AWESOME! My feelings went from humor to distress to arousal to anger and back again. I truly connected with the characters, particularly the everyday "anti-heroine" Fiona. With tattoos and lip piercings and curves to kill for, she's the perfect foil for the also bod-mod'ed groom Gavin. At first, Gavin was completely self-absorbed and couldn't see past his own horror to feel for the other people involved in this mess. Fiona calls him out on it, tells him to get over himself and realize that it's not all about him. Brilliant!

The two of them had incredible chemistry, and I adored their interactions and comfortable dialogue. I appreciated that their relationship didn't automatically come together easily and that they had to work hard to overcome a lot of problems. Even though there were no massive obstacles between them, you never knew what was going to pop up from bitchy Muireann or her insane parents.

LOVE AND SHENANEGANS was an absolute gem, the rare novel with a fantastic storyline, brilliant character development, sharp humor and erotic sex, putting it on my VERY short re-read list. I absolutely cannot wait for the next two books in this series!
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