His Mistress

Monica Burns
His Mistress
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Monica Burns
Release Date
May 2014
Book 1 of The Self Made Men
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

One man's submission to pleasure

As a solicitor seeking justice for victims of violence, Tobias Lynsted must maintain control at all times while working in the seedy underworld of London's East End. The darkness of his world creates a need for the intimacy and release he can only find in the forbidden pleasure of submission in the House of Dark Pleasures. The kind of pleasure where a powerful man has the freedom to let go of his control for a few sweet moments of oblivion under the command of a lovely Domme. But when a blackmail scheme forces him to marry, the last thing he expects in a wife is a woman who will satisfy the darker side of his nature and make him yield to her command.

One woman's awakening

Lady Jane Grisham has no desire to marry, but choosing marriage over a life of destitution is an easy choice to make. Although Jane knows love is for the foolish, Tobias awakens her most wicked and darkest of desires. But Tobias is also a threat to her secret life in the BDSM establishment, the House of Dark Pleasures. In the sinful world of domination and submission, Jane finds refuge from the repressive constraints of society by making a man surrender to her will. Her face hidden behind a mask, Jane uses her blossoming skills to make Tobias surrender not only his body, but his secrets as well. But she quickly discovers that the greatest test of her strength is trusting Tobias with her heart.

A passion that overcomes the darkness of the past.

Book Review by Lisa Jo
May 10, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Emotionally riveting and stunningly sensual, Monica Burns' HIS MISTRESS is a novel you won't want to miss. The first installment in the Self-Made Man series pushes all the boundaries of the traditional historical romance and leaves you wanting more! HIS MISTRESS is a great start to a fabulous series about wild men and the dominating women who love them.

For readers tired of the same bland historical romance, HIS MISTRESS should touch all the right places. Even with that being said, fans of the traditional historical shouldn't shy away from this novel. This isn't the extreme BDSM novel that weary readers might worry about trying. It pushes the sexual boundaries, but it does so on a level that ends up being poignantly emotional. It's beautiful really, how Tobias and Jane peel away the different layers and walls they have built up over the years. And really, how many historical romances have a dominating heroine as admirable as Jane? She is a stunning woman, desperately trying to stay within the expectations of society, but unwilling to let such a thing completely confine her freedom. Yet she has truly met her match in Tobias, the man that is going to fight her every step of the way to give over complete submission.

There is so much to enjoy about this novel, yet what you have to love best is the emotional struggle you go through with these characters. Fighting demons while finding soul searching love is the oldie but goodie way to touch a reader's heart and HIS MISTRESS doesn't disappoint. You can easily appreciate the struggle while delighting in the sexy way they break down each other's barriers. They begin as two characters wanting only to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer, but you later discover their desperate need to love and be loved. Their journey is not easy, but it's overwhelmingly effective in capturing your emotions and drawing you into their world.

This one seems to have a theme for every taste. In HIS MISTRESS you have a tortured hero, a dominating heroine, betrayal, blackmail and sinfully erotic pleasures. To see how it all plays out, you can leave your trust in Monica Burns' beautiful prose that will take you on an emotional and satisfying journey. In all the ways that count, this is the perfect historical romance, but it's the way they satisfy their personal desires that breaks the mold and makes this romance unique. As her name implies, Monica Burns pens a romance that makes the pages sizzle with passion. Tobias and Jane share a chemistry that will take your breath away and ignite their love. What a lovely way to burn, indeed.
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