Not For Me

Laura Jardine
Not For Me
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
March 2014
Book 1 of Toronto
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Kristy meets Grant in a bookstore and decides he's just the right guy … for her close friend Maya. Certainly not for herself. No, Kristy just got out of a relationship, and Grant is totally not her type. She's usually into hipsters, not big, quiet, mustached engineers.

But before Kristy sets him up with her friend, she wants to spend some time with him to be sure he's a good guy. Maya has been reluctant to date since discovering her ex-fiancé was a drug dealer.

Grant is totally smitten with Kristy, but she's determined to set him up with someone else. He goes along with her plan so he can spend more time with her. They go out for dinner together. He cooks for her. She even meets his parents. In fact, she seems to be inventing excuses to see him, though she's still convinced he's perfect for her friend. But somehow, he's going to change her mind about that…

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
May 30, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She's stumbled upon the perfect man, but he's not for her because he's not her type. He's for her once-bitten-twice-shy friend. Isn't he?

When Kristy met Grant in a bookstore, she pegged him as a nice, reliable sort. Just the kind of man that might make her gun-shy friend Maya un-swear off men and ease back into the dating scene. But, just to be sure Grant wasn't a dud, Kristy figured she'd really have to get to know him before setting Grant up on a blind date with Maya. Yet, every moment Kristy spent with Grant, it became easier to see that Maya was going to be one fortunate woman, and Kristy couldn't help but feel the slightest touch of envy.

Sure, from the photo Kristy showed Grant of her friend Maya, it appeared Maya was attractive. Plus, Kristy couldn't say enough good things about her friend, but it was hard to want to go on a blind date with a stranger when Grant suspected Kristy was everything he ever wanted in a woman. But, revealing a lack of interest in meeting Maya would end his time with Kristy, and actually meeting Maya for a blind date would produce the same unwanted result.

Grant's family members and Kristy's friends, including Maya, think Grant and Kristy have chemistry, but no one can overcome a woman vehemently in denial if she refuses to open herself up to something unforeseen and totally unanticipated.

With an easy storytelling style and realistic characters, Laura Jardine has created a cute and quirky romance that will ensnare readers from the very start and keep them turning the pages to see just how far Laura Jardine's well-meaning but misguided heroine Kristy will go to help out a friend. It doesn't seem to matter that said friend is not in the least interested or appreciative or that Kristy has to keep suppressing the inexplicable mojo that she's developing for a man she sees as destined to be her friend Maya's rebound guy.

Ms. Jardine will have you chuckling and rolling your eyes at Kristy, while she has you falling in love with a very patient, gentlemanly, and seemingly average man of your dreams named Grant. SIGH! What could be better?
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