Looks Like Trouble to Me

Calinda B
Looks Like Trouble to Me
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Sumner McKenzie, Inc
Release Date
June 2014
Book 1 of Bad Boys Need Love, Too
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

"Last name's Savage -- it means wild and uncontrolled," Jace, a party boy, yacht builder and skilled photographer with a quicksilver temper, tells the pretty waitress at Chica Rios. He's desperate to get laid, but there's something in the way of his driving, overactive libido and the girl standing before him - trouble...big trouble, and a whole lot of it, from the trustifarian prick who works by his side, to his messed up twin sister, to the secret hiding at his house.

He sets out to woo Zo Dubois, keeping her away from his trouble at home, encouraging her to let go of her inhibitions and live "Savage style," riding with him on the back of his motorcycle, exploring the great outdoors in a variety of oh, so delectable and naughty ways.

He ends up with way more than he bargained for. Turns out she's the kind of woman who demands the truth...and that's just not the way he rolls. He uses his sexual experience to teach Zoe how to surrender. She leverages his love for her to get him to let her inside his troubled world - something he's not used to. Their passionate, erotic, romantic connection keeps them bound together while the trouble he brings threatens to tear them apart at every turn.

Mature content for an audience of 18+

Book Review by BJ (reviewer)
Jul 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE TO ME is a contemporary romance with elements of suspense. In addition to a memorable, "savage" hero, this novel has a number of great messages, including a testament to the devastating, life-altering effects of drug abuse and the importance of trust and communication in a relationship.

Jace Savage lives life to the max. He's a man who knows how to enjoy life and takes every opportunity to do so. As a professional photographer (among other jobs), who shoots pictures for National Geographic, he has traveled the world and tasted what it's like to explore the wild and live uninhibited. But Jace's past is also filled with heartache, a best friend who isn't quite what he at first seems to be and a devastating family secret.

Zoe Dubois is working as a waitress while she finishes school, so she can launch her career. She has it all mapped out, and after being burned by Billy, she has some serious trust issues when it comes to men.

Zoe instantly catches Jace's attention the night he and his friends end up in her restaurant. It's been a while since the girl who broke his heart left him, and he desperately needs the physical attentions of a woman. He has Zoe nearly convinced to go out with him, when his best friend Billy comes back to the table after clearly having gotten lucky in the bathroom. To Zoe's vast shock and horror, she realizes that Jace is Billy's best friend.

So begins the cat and mouse chase between Jace and Zoe. While she loves how he makes her feel when he coaxes her to let go of her inhibitions, he is secretive about his past, and she is not sure that she can fully trust him. Moreover, he lets her know that he has trouble he needs to fix before he can fully reveal his personal life to her, allowing her imagination, with the help of her friends and a person who has a vendetta against Jace, to wonder just what kind of person he might be.

All in all, LOOKS LIKE TROUBLE TO ME was a good read with lots of steamy passion, even a light BDSM scene involving cuffs and candle wax, and a decently developed romance. Although I wish Jace had been a little more forthcoming about his "trouble" earlier in this story, the outcome teaches a good lesson about the potential damaging effects of miscommunication in relationships.
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