Collaring Their Racy Runaway

Tara Rose
Collaring Their Racy Runaway
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Siren-Bookstrand Inc
Release Date
May 2014
Book 12 of Racy Nights
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more

When Teresa Rodriquez returns to Racy under mysterious circumstances, police sergeants and Doms Carson Decker and Garrett Amato discover that more than gossip followed her home. While they can't help falling in love with her, they must also contend with a man from her past hell bent on having her at all costs.

Teresa ran away from her abusive ex-boyfriend more than once, and each time he's found her. As she falls in love with Carson and Garrett, she'd lulled into a false sense of security that this time she is safe from him, and from her past, forever.

But during the May 3 celebration marking the anniversary of the tornado that devastated Racy one year ago, Teresa is kidnapped in broad daylight. Can Carson and Garrett find her in time? Or will they lose the woman they each cannot live without?

Book Review by Lynn (reviewer)
Jul 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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COLLARING THEIR RACY RUNAWAY is a sexy and exciting story about escaping a dangerous past and making a fresh start.

Teresa Rodriguez has been back in her hometown of Racy for a while now, but no one knows what happened while she was away or what brought her back. After a few sessions with her psychologist, Teresa decides it is time to speak with the police about her situation. Teresa explains her desire to leave Racy and get away from her family right after graduation. Because of her youth and naiveté, she becomes involved with Ray Hammond, a man she believed was good and cared about her for a while. After Teresa realizes Ray is not the man she thought he was, she tries to leave him and finds herself beat up and on the run. After Ray tracks her down in California she decides to head home to Racy. She informs the police she has a restraining order against Ray and is worried he will track her down again.

After hearing her story, police sergeant Carson Decker is more than willing to keep an eye on Teresa and help her out. Sergeant Garrett Amato also feels a strong desire to protect Teresa and keep her safe. Having only ever been with Ray, Teresa is not used to men who care about her wants and needs and she is not sure if she can trust the safety she feels with them. She also isn't able to relax, knowing Ray is out there looking for her. When Ray finally does find her, it is up to Carson and Garrett to protect the woman they have fallen for, but will they be in time?

This was another great story from the town of Racy. We finally get the back story of another Rodriguez sibling and find out why she has been isolating herself in her apartment. Teresa hasn't had an easy time of things since leaving Racy right after high school. And now that she's back, she's dealing with the fear of her abusive ex finding her, rumors around town about her mysterious past, and her parents' disapproval of her getting involved with two men. The only thing that gets Teresa through these tough times is the support of Carson and Garrett. Not only do the two of them believe the rumors about her are all false, but they help her build her confidence back up to the point she can face family and friends for the first time since she returned home.

The emotional roller coaster Teresa is on is portrayed well--she is afraid of her ex, cautious about starting any new relationship, hopeful she can make a new start, devastated at the loss of her parents, and happy to be reconnecting with her siblings and making new friends. Honestly, the only part of the story that bothered me was the scene where Ray finds Teresa and is able to pull her away from the town. It did not seem logical to me that a woman who is fearful for her life and is aware that a dangerous man is in town looking for her would walk off to a remote location by herself. The one scene was my only complaint!

This was another lovely story from Racy and the Rodriguez family that I truly enjoyed.
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