Ties That Bind

Aurora Rose Lynn
Ties That Bind

Release Date
December 2013
Erotic Romance

Ten years ago, she loved him with wild abandon. Ten years ago, he loved her with a passion that knew no bounds and he wanted to make her his wife. Then she testified against him for a murder he claimed he didn't commit.

Now, after the years have passed, the handsome, wealthy man is back in her life. Is he bent on revenge or does he still love her?

To get away from the shame of being in prison, Eric Campbell changed his name to Derek Caravella. He makes everyone feel good about themselves, but which he can't do for himself. To while away the long hours in prison, he dreamed and fantasized about Rachel Bradford, the sexy, beautiful woman who turned him on. Knowing he's been released, she is aroused when she thinks of him, but she can't stand the sight of him. Derek comes on to her too strong, but she keeps rejecting him. With heartbroken certainty, he knows what it's like to be imprisoned in his own life with no avenue of escape. He wants and needs Rachel with an intensity that goes beyond words, but will she accept his forgiveness?

She wants him out of her life. In discouraging him, she ends up in trouble. Now she's the one claiming she didn't murder anyone. There is no escape route, except the one Derek has opened . . .


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