Nobody's Hero

Liz Lee
Nobody's Hero


Release Date
November 2012
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Dangerous Lies. Delicious Memories.

After her high profile divorce, Callah Crenshaw left Hollywood for home on a quest to find herself. Only reporter and past lover Riley Sorenson won't leave her alone. When he shows up at her doorstep with what looks like proof that nothing about her life is what she thinks it is, she tells him to leave. But when a dangerous man knocks on her door, she realizes Riley could be telling her the truth. When bullets start flying, she does the only thing she can. She runs...straight into Riley's arms.
A recovering alcoholic, Riley knows he's nobody's hero, but with Callah he needs to protect, to help, to defend. Callah's thankful for his help, but she doesn't like how needy she's become again so quickly. She should know better. The whole reason she came home in the first place is because she lost herself with her ex.
While looking for truths about her past, Callah and Riley unravel the tangled web of lies her life's been built on, and as they do, they are drawn to each other more. As the danger increases, so does the intimacy between them.

Is he there for a story or there for her? Callah doesn't know. Finding the answer means risking her heart.
Sometimes the risk is worth it. But Callah's risked before and lost everything.


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