Second Chance Hero

Liz Lee
Second Chance Hero


Release Date
January 2013
Romantic Suspense/Mystery

He broke her heart. Lil Palmer thought she'd found Mr. Perfect. But after two years, she learned the truth. David Martinez kissed with the promise of heaven, delivered just that and then left a girl feeling all alone at the prospect of forever. He didn't do forever, and even though she understood why, understanding and accepting were two very different things.

So when Lil's recruited to work undercover side by side with David in a federal investigation looking for clues into who's behind the disappearance of young girls in their community, she's determined to make sure he understands she's not interested in rehashing history. They've got a job to do. The end.

But it's not the end. Because while David's more than happy to tempt Lil with the passion of their past, he doesn't want her sticking around for a human trafficking investigation that could very well get her killed any more than he wants a happily ever after. Problem is Lil with her out to save the world mentality isn't backing away from this case, no matter how hard he pushes.

Will these reunited lovers thrown together on a deadly case find a love that lasts a lifetime or will one of them end up dead?


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