Recipe for Seduction

Gina Gordon
Recipe for Seduction
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Entangled Publishing, LLC
Release Date
May 2014
Book 3 of Madewood Brothers
Contemporary Romance

Veronica Whitfield feels like a frumpy old maid. After ten years of raising her younger siblings, she's desperate to get her sexy back. And why not find it with the man she's been in lust with since she was twelve years old—her brother's best friend, Finn O'Reilly?

Finn is looking for love. And not any love—true love. Complete with the white picket fence, two children, and a dog. He's just been a little unlucky finding it, and he sure as hell isn't about to consider his best friend's little sister for the job, no matter how badly he wants her in his bed.

But then Veronica propositions him with a game of dark, delicious seduction. Finn is tempted to indulge his hidden need for kink, but at what cost? Following through could very well ruin their friendship, but maybe—just maybe—helping Veronica rediscover her sexy side is exactly what he needs to find love at last…

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
May 31, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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RECIPE FOR SEDUCTION is the third book in the Madewood Brothers series featuring several delectable foster brothers who are determined to do right in the world as they also find Ms. Right.

Veronica Whitfield simply wanted her sexy back when she signed up for a burlesque class. While on stage during her final exam, she spots the man whose face has haunted her dreams for years--Finn O'Reilly. Finn has made it his mission to stay strictly in the friends zone with Veronica, even though she stars in some of his most wicked fantasies. When he sees her on stage, he's shocked but incredibly turned on...something he should definitely NOT be with his best friend's little sister and fellow foster care survivor he thinks of as family.

Veronica has worked her butt off raising her two younger siblings since they came to live with her eight years ago, but rude or not, she can't wait till they leave for college so she can have a life of her own again! Veronica has loved Finn for years, both brotherly and not so familial-like as she got older. She finally decides to go for it, offering to indulge his kinky desires.

But Finn wants a wife and family, something Veronica won't sign up for-–she just finished raising her siblings! This thing between them has the potential to end very badly, but neither can stay away once they admit to themselves that they are meant for one another.

RECIPE FOR SEDUCTION was a wonderful read, full of sexual tension between Finn and Veronica (not to mention all of the other Madewood brothers and their love interests) and fun banter you could easily picture saying yourself. Finn's kinky desires were the perfect complement to Veronica's needs, and I've never read a spanking story as slyly sensual as this one. That said, the scenes didn't go overboard, which totally could have happened since there was a great deal of encounters in this book.

I appreciated the anger and acting out that Veronica's little brother Cal had going on. He was college age but as frightened as a child about change. Veronica's older brother Mark's reaction to finding out his best friend was sleeping with his sister was classic, especially when you consider the poor sauce injured in the making of this story.

Overall, RECIPE FOR SEDUCTION was a heartwarming story with a lovable and sexy hero and heroine you can root for. I will definitely be going back and reading the previous books in the Madewood Brothers series!
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