The Bouncer

Sidney Stark
The Bouncer


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Release Date
March 2014
Book 2 of The List
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Instantly I was captivated. It was lust at first glance. He stood broad shouldered and domineering, his stern gaze pressed forward as I strode through the lobby. Ridiculously confident his arrogance intrigued me, but he offered something more and unexpected. My break-up with Greg was still fresh in my mind and I welcomed a naughty distraction. Convincing this sexy bouncer to seduce me proved equally entertaining as well as gratifying, proving that my passion for flesh was just as powerful as my need for the chase. While thrusting me further along the path of decadence and self exploration, I knew in that moment that I wanted to make him mine, if only for the night.

The List takes a fresh look at modern day romance as it breaks the boy meets girl boundaries and follows Randi as she navigates the "real world", while harnessing her infatuation for one night stands, friends with benefits, and the salacious world she has longed for. Pushing the envelope one lusty tryst at a time, Randi checks off her conquests one by one, as each interlude becomes racier, sexier and more forbidden than the last.

As Randi ticks down her checklist, Greg, her one and only is never far from her thoughts. But he is volatile and burdened by demons so sinister that their time together is tumultuous and explosive. Leading Randi astray into the arms of other men, she knows she is too young, and too na´ve for what Greg has to offer, at least for now.

The nine book series offers a dynamic insight to relationships, each unique and seductively sinful, as Randi pursues the unbridled chase and the one who captured her heart from the very beginning.

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