Counterfeit Cowboy

Ginny Baird
Counterfeit Cowboy
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Winter Wedding Press
Release Date
March 2014
Romantic Comedy

A New York reporter gets more than she bargained for while posing as a Wild West Bride.

When it comes to love,
Only the heart knows for sure...

New York reporter Eve Parker is done with being a bridesmaid and ready to become a Wild West Bride. When her editorial director sends her to Wyoming to write an article on a new matchmaking service, Eve's prepared to go under cover. Little does she suspect she'll wind up under the covers with an ultra sexy cowboy. Ted Walker is handsome and charming, and oh so easy to kiss. So easy, in fact, Eve nearly forgets he's the subject of her story. When she reveals the truth, will Ted still be willing to confide? Eve's soon to learn she's not the only one keeping secrets.

Ted Walker calls Jackson Hole home. He's got wide open spaces, room to ride, and a dependable place to hang his hat. He's got a booming business besides. With males outnumbering females in these parts, he and his buddy Brian have developed foolproof algorithms for predicting ideal couples. All they have to do is sign up for a week of Wild West Brides adventures, and let the mountain air and moonlight do the rest. When one of Ted's "grooms" goes missing, it's only natural for Ted to fill in. It's just for the week, and he's never mixed business with pleasure. That was before a stunning redhead came to town. Now Ted finds his interest in Eve is more than strictly professional. But how can he be sure her summer loving is for real?

A short contemporary romance with moderate heat, approximately 50,000 words.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Aug 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She has a shot at her dream promotion if she can get the scoop on a bachelor cowboy and the phenomenal success of his Wild West Brides dating service, but pretending to be husband hunting for a bona fide cowboy makes her rather ill at ease. He and his partner may be running a highly successful business that finds Wyoming cowboys their ideal mate, but he's got a few secrets that could jeopardize the business and his personal goals if those secrets are ever revealed. One or both of them could lose their shot to cement their future dreams, but neither of them is good at pretense when the sudden onset of feelings start getting in the way.

Ted Walker was finally living the life of cowboy adventure he'd always craved, but he was also living a lie that would disappoint his parents' expectations that he comply with long-held family traditions. His Wild West Brides dating service was really gaining steam, but it could all crumble if his clients discovered he was the son of a Boston shipping magnate and had only recently taken up the Wyoming cowboy way of life his male clients lived. There was also the small issue that his parents still lived under the assumption that he was in California studying for a law degree.

Eve Parker couldn't seem to break out of the rut her life had fallen into. She had only two claims to fame--one was being a professional bridesmaid (never a bride), and the other was being stuck in a copyediting job in The Big Apple that offered little chance of advancement. But when her boss dangled a cub reporter assignment under her nose, Eve couldn't turn it down despite her reluctance at having to pass herself off as a woman looking for her perfect cowboy during a five-day Wyoming dating adventure.

With Eve set on gaining the truth while living a lie and Ted living his dream while blurring his background, their blooming relationship develops way more complications than they can work through in less than one week of zero to sixty encounters. Eve's on a deadline for her article and Ted's totally unprepared to encounter his parents while out to dinner with Eve in Jackson Hole. Everyone's jumping to unfounded conclusions and the only thing sure is a fast track to heartbreak in the shadow of the Tetons.

If you're in the mood for a fast-paced, amusing whirlwind of a romance, Ginny Baird more than delivers with this fun romp laced with light drama and amusing situations. I found Ted and Eve likeable even though their backgrounds weren't as fleshed as they could have been. Ms. Baird still managed to make both of these characters interesting and her secondary characters were purposeful and more than aided in embellishing the dramatic turns in the plot. I would certainly recommend COUNTERFEIT COWBOY for a quick beach read or for a lazy afternoon of reading entertainment in the shady spot of your choice.
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