Written in the Cards

Lauren Linwood
Written in the Cards
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Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
May 2014
Historical Romance

Maggie Rutherford jilts her too-perfect society groom at the altar and flees New York for the American West, where she turns her travels into dime novels that she writes and illustrates under the pen name Lud Madison.

After the Civil War, veteran Ben Morgan marries his childhood sweetheart and takes her to homestead on the Great Plains. Losing her and their unborn child in an Indian attack, Ben detaches from emotion and becomes a roaming gambler. When he kills a cheating opponent in self-defense, the man's gunslinger brother swears revenge upon Ben.

Ben hides on a cattle drive and brings in a herd to Abilene, where a waiting Maggie wants to find a rough and tumble cowboy to interview for her next story idea. Sparks fly as the dangerous drover and popular novelist wind up living in the same household, running a general store east of Abilene. But with Black Tex Lonnegan hot on his trail, will Ben run from his growing attraction to Maggie and the gunfighter's promise of death–or will he make a stand for his life–and love?

Book Review by Linda Hays-Gibbs (author,reviewer)
Sep 08, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ben Morgan has his share of bad luck. His wife and baby were killed by Indians and now he's a gambler. The problem is the guy he's playing cards with, Jimmy Lonnegan, is cheating. Worse, Jimmy's brother is Black Tex Lonnegan, a hired killer.

When Ben kills Jimmy in self-defense and Black Tex swears revenge on him, Ben has no choice but to flee. He joins a cattle drive to head to Abilene, Kansas hoping the killer won't follow.

Margaret Rutherford is about to march down the aisle when she finds out her fiancé only wants her money. He's deep in debt from his father and her money is his only hope. She leaves out the back door for the West, where she becomes a novelist.

In Abilene, a bunch of cowboys come off the Chisholm trail, and Margaret wants to interview one of them for her latest book. She sees the most handsome scrumptious specimen and goes directly for him. She doesn't waste time in getting her interview and information but before she leaves, he grabs her and gives her the most delicious kiss ever. She is smitten and doesn't know what has hit her.

Maggie's near marriage was nothing to the feelings Ben Morgan makes her feel. Her books are selling. She never wants to go back to New York or marry but this new man has her going in circles.

But what happens when Ben's past catch up with him?

WRITTEN IN THE CARDS is an endearing story of love in the old West. It was exciting and all together lovely. There was only one thing that I had a little trouble with and it was that Maggie traveled alone. Maggie acted completely against the conventions of the times. It was hard for me to see a woman acting like she did in that day and age. It was just highly improbable. That kept me a little twisted and some of the language was off, too. I just don't think they talked that way then. Of course, if you can ignore that, this story is a delightful take of romance in the West.

I gave this fine book four stars and look forward to reading more of Lauren Linwood's work. She is unique, insightful, and very interesting. I think her characters were completely fleshed and interesting and her plot true.
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