Position Secured

Olivia Brynn
Position Secured
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
June 2010
Erotic Romance

She's dead-set against him. He's dead certain he can change her mind…Marienna Valdez has a cop allergy. Their cocky, superior attitudes never fail to turn her stomach. How fitting that her reward for enduring a perfectly sucky work week is a traffic ticket from one who's on the kind of overblown power trip she learned to hate when she was growing up surrounded by boys in blue.

But now she's finally home, where she prepares to take the edge off with a well-deserved self-love session. Just as she gets settled in with her favorite toys, though, what should come barreling through her bedroom door but…another cop!

SWAT team sniper Marcus Pearson doesn't need detective skills to figure out just what he's interrupted. If he can keep her quiet long enough to resolve the tense situation under her bedroom window, he intends to put down his rifle and take aim at her aversion to the badge…

Book Review by Silver (reviewer)
Oct 03, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Position Secured is a hot, captivating story!"

Marienna Valdez is leary of cops due to her past, but she couldn't help but be attracted to Lieutenant Marcus Pearson, when he needed access to her apartment's vantage point at a crucial hostage standoff situation. He may be good for a one-night stand, but what about a lifetime?

This is a hot, fun read when you're looking for a quick fix. Almost from the get-go, Ms. Brynn ramped up the heat, leaving you no room to heave even a quick gasp. The chemistry between Mari and Marc fairly sizzled, and the tangible hunger each felt for the other almost leaped off the pages.

I also like the heroine's relationship with her cat as she treated it like she would her best friend, as she poured out her thoughts and troubles to him. Cats do make good listeners, don't they?

Given Mari's dislike of cops however, I feel that her turnabout from not wanting to have anything to do with them to jumping into bed with one to changing her mind about them was kinda fast, especially as it all happened in the space of one night and without any real knowledge and understanding of Marcus as a person. I would've been happy with Marc making her see a side to cops she'd never thought of before and thus, making her consider a change of opinion. That aside, the story was captivating as I read it all in one sitting.
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