Demon Lover

Temple Madison
Demon Lover
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Release Date
May 2014
Book 2 of Sequel to The Last Dance
Erotic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Horror Romance, Paranormal Romance

When she's Sugar, she's every man's dream, but when she's Spice...she's his nightmare!

Dark nights and full moons mysteriously turn Jennifer Duquesne from a beautiful white-haired beauty into a growling, voluptuous she-devil who dines on blood, flesh, and sex.

She's a dancer at the Rock Candy Club where she has her pick of men. By the time the evening is over, not one, not two, but three take the beautiful dancer to the parking lot for an evening of sexual debauchery. While she's enjoying the hot feel of these hard bodies inside her, her sister Spice makes an appearance, and the parking lot runs red with blood.

Later, Jennifer meets a mysterious, fair-haired stranger who falls in love with her. Used to having a ménage at her beck and call, she asks herself, can this one man satisfy the raging sexual appetite of both her and her devilish sister or should she send him back to the hole he crawled out of, a hole called Hell!

Book Review by Christine Blackthorn (author,reviewer)
Aug 26, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Buffy meets--well, I am not quite sure who. At least that seems to be the intention in this book. Temple Madison attempts to create a character with sass and a joie de vivre, a story of sensual and sexual pleasure and discovery.

Jennifer is a beautiful dancer with a new kind of double identity. She dances for a living and is the dream of all the men who see her. She is fine with that and happily makes use of whomever takes her fancy, more often than not multiple someones. She is not picky, a beautiful body, a bit of a mind is enough. In the end it is just fun.

But then two things happen. She meets a man, a man who reaches deeper than anyone has before. And she has to wonder if she can let her second nature threaten all she might have. Or will she run from it? And him, what is behind that mystery--trust or treachery?

The book DEMON LOVER by Temple Madison is a novel idea with a well-known slant or a well known storyline with a novel slant; it depends where you are in the book. I loved the ideas, the new look at the world.

However, I think the book sells itself short. There is so much potential, so much tension and then it fails on the characters and the sex. There is something missing, something flat. There are few sounds and scents. Jennifer appears to be a fairly shallow character, not because she necessarily is but because the book does not allow her character to develop.

So what is the final judgement? It is a fun book if you want to look at the world from new eyes, to revisit some old concepts with fresh new ideas, but if you want to spend the afternoon with some sexy and likable characters you can sink into, then you will not find them here. It is still worth a read, and if it is just for a smile here and there. And it definitely has potential. Let's see what the future will bring for this series.
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