Recipe for Attraction

Gina Gordon
Recipe for Attraction
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Entangled Publishing, LLC
Release Date
November 2013
Book 2 of Madewood Brothers
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

She'll go to any lengths to keep his demons at bay...

Bad boy Neil Harrison may have sexy body and an even sexier smile, but there's no way in hell architect Carson Kelly is falling for the elusive bachelor. For starters, he's her boss, and getting intimately involved with the infuriating alpha male could be a career-killer. And secondly, he's battling personal demons in one of the most dangerous ways possible: illegal street racing. After a friend's tragic death years ago, Carson swore she'd never get involved in that life again.

Neil knows Carson's keeping secrets and he's determined to uncover all of them…even if he has to seduce them out of her.

But as their antagonistic work relationship ignites a passionate affair, Carson must decide if protecting Neil from his need for speed is the perfect outlet for her own restless desire, or if they're on a one-way path to destruction.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 01, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Book 2 in the Madewood Brothers series, RECIPE FOR ATTRACTION, starts off with an adrenaline rush and leaves you in an erotic haze by the end.

In the months after his adoptive mother died, Neil Harrison has found himself at loose ends and out of control. He can't seem to reign himself in no matter how hard he tries, and Neil has found himself craving the rush that illegal street racing gives him. Architect Carson Kelly is totally annoyed by the spoiled rich boy who can't get his crap together, but when she finds out, he's been joining the illegal street racing ring she was once intimately involved with, she gets scared to death. Carson can't allow another person she cares about to go down that same path, even if she'll never admit how much she actually does care.

Neil has pictured his architect naked since the day she walked onto his project, but when she offers to provide him with the distractions he needs to keep him away from racing, he can't wait to see just how serious she is. Neither expects anything other than blazing hot sex from their new relationship, but when Neil realizes how at peace he feels with Carson by his side, he thinks it may be time to consider that he's met "the one." But Carson's architect father is furious about her involvement with a client, and now she's got to make some very tough decisions.

RECIPE FOR ATTRACTION is book 2 in the Madewood Brothers series by the talented Ms. Gordon. While I highly recommend reading all the books in this awesome series, each of them can be enjoyed as a standalone. First, I have to say that I loved how this book kicked off, I've never really read anything about a street racing ring, illegal or not, and it was a fun and different way (for me) to start a romance novel. Carson is simply awesome, a badass architect with an excellent personality and the ability to not get snowed by the hot guy she's working with. Yea, she's attracted to him, but she calls him out on his shit and doesn't back down from his challenges, which totally intrigues him. I liked the contrast between this tomboy chick and the sexual dynamo she became when under Neil. I didn't anticipate her character being vocal and kinky and a little raunchy at times and I loved it.

Neil was such a damaged man and I really felt for his character and how much affection and caring that he'd never admit he needed. He goes through life steamrolling people, making the decisions like the big brother he is, but until Carson comes along, he feels completely adrift and out of control and worthless despite his bravado. Their chemistry is excellent and I read their banter and affection with delight. RECIPE FOR ATTRACTION is a sexy and sweet read that will have you wishing for just one more Madewood brother to go around!
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