A Winter Wedding

Amanda Forester
A Winter Wedding
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Release Date
September 2014
Book 3 of Marriage Mart
Historical Romance

This adventurous duke...

The Duke of Marchford requires a suitable bride, but catching spies for the Foreign Office takes up most of his time. Not wanting to face another London season as an eligible man, he employs the notorious Madame X to find him a match.

Has met his match

Miss Penelope Rose knows the rules of marriage among members of the ton better than most. Her own unsuccessful attempts at matrimony did not stop her from becoming London's most exclusive matchmaker. Marchford proves to be a difficult client, but as he draws on her social expertise to help him flush out a dangerous traitor, they find that falling in love may be the riskiest adventure of all.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 21, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A WINTER WEDDING is a terrifically fun historical romance.

In 1810 London, James Lockton, the Duke of Marchford, is desperate to get away from the matchmaking mamas and their dull, spotted and simpering daughters. His duty to the Foreign Office to catch traitorous French spies in their midst leaves him with little time to consider a wife. One woman he trusts with both his duty and his future bride is his grandmother's companion, Miss Penelope Rose, otherwise known as the exclusive matchmaker Madame X. As a woman with access to the far reaching branches of society, Penelope helps James get the access and information he needs to go after any threat to the throne. She can also help him avoid another London season and find him a practical bride.

But one look at Penelope with her hair down and relaxed has James looking at her in a whole new way, and once he does, neither can seem to close those floodgates. Even though James has proposed (inelegantly) to Penelope as nothing more than a "suitable" match that is both logical and perfect for letting him continue his spy catching duties with her help, Penelope refuses to marry for anything other than true love, even if it means never marrying at all. The most difficult match to make may be her own if Madame X can't figure out a way to save her heart once she realized it belongs to James.

A WINTER WEDDING is the third book in the decidedly fun Marriage Mart series. This book started off dangerous and fun, and the duke's playful yet serious attitudes had me falling for him myself almost immediately. The relationship with his grandmother was ornery yet loving, even though he had every reason to hate her for past sins. His new and growing obsession with Penelope was brilliant, as was hers with him. The chemistry and passion between them was excellent and really put the sexual tension between the two on high alert (the scene in the wardrobe was so sexy!) even though the book itself was very chaste. Though I'm not a fan of Christian or faith-based romance novels, I have to admit that A WINTER WEDDING defied my expectations where that was concerned.

Despite the horrific cover art that does zero favors for what a great book this is, it was refreshing to read a historical where the hero didn't just "allow" but even encouraged Penelope to help him catch spies. Usually the men are exasperated with their women for going behind their back to declare their independence, but not so in A WINTER WEDDING. They make a fabulous spy team, and their different stations in life means she's able to ferret out information that the Duke wouldn't have access to. The humor in this book is top notch, and I found myself with a smile throughout, wondering what trouble the couple would get up to next! Excellent book, Ms. Forester!
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