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Runaway Cowgirl
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Totally Bound
Release Date
January 2015
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance, Ménage or more, Western Romance

Emily isn't about to marry just any man, but falling in love with two hot ranchers might be more than this respectable young lady can handle.

Emily St. Claire is wealthy, beautiful, young and very eligible to the single men of Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Wild West isn't safe for a woman alone, but she isn't about to marry for anything but love. Her charitable efforts put her in touch with all manner of people, and while she's respectable, she causes gossip around the small town as she tries to help prostitutes and orphans. Still, she does want a family of her own.

Two handsome young men catch Emily's eye, but Jack and Henry are so close. How can she pick one of them without destroying their friendship and their partnership? When she finds them in a compromising position, she's shocked and intrigued. Emily never considered herself conventional, but the men open her eyes even more to how inclusive and varied love can be. Society would never approve, yet it doesn't feel wrong for the trio. Being courted by two men at once is wild, but committing herself to them is pure madness and pure ecstasy as well. They must keep their ménage secret until they're sure how to plan a future together so no one will suspect or discover the truth. 1878 isn't ready for what they have to offer.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of MM content and anal sex.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 17, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Before women could vote, before Indians became just another politically corrected cultural group, before prostitution was illegal, there was the Old West. RUNAWAY COWGIRL is a sexy slice of life from the late 1800's that is both yummy and decently written.

After the death of her wealthy and influential father, Emily St. Claire is being encouraged by the men in 1878 Manitou Springs, CO to either find a husband or head back to Denver where her male family members can protect her. Emily wants no such thing, and she's dead set against marrying any man unless it's for love. She's never been one to follow all of the rules, and the local orphans and prostitutes need her help more than any man in town does.

The only men who don't make Emily want to run are cousins Jack and Henry Bonner. But when she pays them a visit, she learns that not only are they NOT cousins, but they're also intimately involved with one another! The men are deeply in love, but know they would be hung if townspeople found out they were together. Spending time with one another is possible if the town thinks they're family. When the men find that Emily isn't disgusted by what she's walked in on, they admit they've been anxious to add her to their relationship--a fact that shocks and delights her.

Though she has little experience, she's a quick learner and since both men profess to want to marry her, she is just fine with being "ruined" by them both. But the men insist on courting her properly, telling her she's got to pick one of them to actually marry, even though they're a package deal. Does she pick the former orphan and seemingly untamable bachelor Henry or will she go with the stable and settled Jack as her husband?

RUNAWAY COWGIRL is a fun and sexy Old West romance set in the late 1800's, and if you enjoy both MMF ménage action as well as historical romance, you'll love this book. The first encounter between the three of them was outrageously decadent, even though they never had sex. I appreciated it so much more that the three of them kept their wits about each other while in the middle of mindless passion. Emily is completely forward and has no shame in asking the men for what she wants, which I loved. However, I did think that the declarations of everlasting devotion and love and promises of marriage to either Jack or Henry were a tad premature. I know that this is a novella, so I try not to put too much weight in the fact that things go quickly, however this was still pretty damn stealthy.

The sex in RUNAWAY COWGIRL was just great. Jack and Henry had such a palpable connection and the addition of Emily into their world felt organic and right. Emily was definitely a headstrong woman and it was perfect that it took two men to satisfy her. I loved reading about her charitable efforts for orphans and whores and adult literacy, among others. She was absolutely a heroine I could get behind and root for...especially when she's seducing two rough and ready bisexual cowboys into bed. Though there were a few editing snafus, RUNAWAY COWGIRL accomplishes the goal of erotic romance for sure!
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