The Superstar's Nanny

Treva Harte
The Superstar's Nanny
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Loose ID LLC
Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Ménage or more, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

When Olivia entered the crazy world of the superfamous by becoming Kenny Lockett's personal assistant, she knew she was supposed to help him with his eating habits. She had no idea she was going to become his go-to person for help with his onstage anxiety and be a general lifeline to keeping his sanity. And when she falls for him, how could she tell him she only took the job so she could become famous herself?

Kenny knew that Olivia is too young and too innocent for someone with his personal history and kinks, but he wanted her anyhow. Maybe if he could just keep himself calm enough and vanilla enough, he could keep her.

Jamal had been Kenny's secret lover as well as his public friend and top-flight agent/manager for years. Olivia was throwing off everything—except he liked her. Maybe too much.

It was love. What could possibly could go wrong?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jun 22, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Take one anxious superstar and throw in his best friend, his girl and a select piece of rope and you've got a pretty good story in THE SUPERSTAR'S NANNY.

When Olivia Washington interviews to be a personal assistant to a star, she has no clue that it is her childhood heartthrob, singer Kenny Lockett, that she'd be babysitting. She can't believe her good fortune since she's promised herself that she'd break into the music business this very year, and now the opportunity to meet the right people has fallen into her lap. She doesn't imagine that she could actually fall for the notorious wild man!

Kenny can't imagine the beautiful young thing who thinks she's going to be telling him what to do. Between his lust for her and his manager and best friend and sometimes fuck-buddy Jamal Ellis, Kenny is in a constant state of arousal. Somewhere between paranoia and panic attacks and high anxiety, Olivia and Kenny fall hard and fast for each other. But Kenny's health issues and his kinky proclivities are working against him, making it real hard to be the guy Olivia needs. Kenny and Jamal know they need to come clean with Olivia. Will she be willing to keep an open mind for the man she loves?

I'll start out by saying that I loathe any book that has cheaters in it, and despite Kenny's declaration that sleeping with Jamal is different and not really is. Now that that is out of the way, how the three worked it out was erotic and interesting, and I would like to see a follow up story about these three with a little more MMF interaction. I did enjoy the storyline to THE SUPERSTAR'S NANNY, much more than I thought I would. What I didn't enjoy was the plethora of editing errors that became distracting throughout the story.

I liked Kenny's diva-like behavior and Jamal's selfish attitude--two personalities that I typically don't care for in my main characters, but it worked for them. Kenny was crazy; his anxiety was off the charts nutso, but you couldn't help but love the guy. And though Jamal has his own reasons for doing some of the things he does, you forgive him because he truly loves Kenny.

THE SUPERSTAR'S NANNY is a short and angsty and slightly sexy story filled with bondage, a little sex and a lot of panic attacks.
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