Nikki's Secret

TN Tarrant
Nikki's Secret
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Rooster And Pig
Release Date
November 2013
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

Nikki Marnell is a history teacher enjoying a great life: she has a job she loves, and two husbands that adore her. A young student's obsession with her threatens to destroy everything she's worked so hard to build from a life as a teenage runaway.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 06, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If there is one book that I would suggest every adult read and remember, it's NIKKI'S SECRET. This story touches on so many emotional yet incredibly important "hot" topics that I wish more authors would be brave enough write about.

***Editor's Note: Slight Spoiler Alert. We would have removed the spoiler, but we think much of the essence of the review would've been gone if we had done so. Please do not read further if you don't like spoilers. Thank you.***

Nikki Marnell is happy. She loves her job as a high school history teacher, has an extended family who adore her and two husbands whose love and unwavering support has gotten her through some dark times. When one of her students attacks her at gunpoint and sexually assaults her, Nikki's peaceful world quickly comes crashing down as the entire town learns what she's fought so hard to keep private: Nikki was born Nick and lives as a transgender woman.

As certain people in her town fight tooth and nail to blame her for her sexual assault and to get her removed from her teaching job, Nikki learns that there are far more people willing to stand behind her, no matter what. When push comes to shove and even more of Nikki's secrets are revealed publicly, she may have no choice but to leave the job and the students that she adores.

When I chose NIKKI'S SECRET to read and review, I pretty much only noticed that it was an MMF story, which is my favorite. I didn't read any reviews on this book prior to starting it, so I can say that my jaw literally dropped to the floor when it was revealed that Nikki is a transgender woman. Once I got over my shock, the story fascinated me and wound up eliciting a myriad of emotions: anger, fury, pity, happiness, relief, appreciation, disbelief and amazement, to name a few. While each of these are strong emotions, they're definitely not all positive, and my disgust at the horrible way that a few closed-minded people treated Nikki blew my mind. Not really because of any specific thing they did, but because this book makes you realize that for as far as the support of gay rights has come in the last 10 years, transgendered individuals are still labeled freaks and face ridicule and scorn daily. NIKKI'S SECRET really brought that home to me and made me realize that there is so much more work to be done for every person who identifies themselves as "different" .

Now, knowing how teenagers can be, particularly boys, I did think that it was wishful thinking that Nikki's students would be so understanding, caring and supportive. Teenagers aren't known for their sympathy and empathy. Also, I'll admit to some awkwardness with the feminine pronouns when reading about "her dick" or "she's so hard," etc. Never having read a story where the main character is transgendered, it took some getting used to during the sex scenes, but damn if they weren't super erotic nonetheless!

NIKKI'S SECRET touched on some serious hot button issues like rape, sexual assault, bigotry, harassment, LGTB issues, etc. If any of these are a trigger for you, you may want to consider that before picking this book up. But if, like me, you are a supporter of the rights of individuals to live as they see fit, this is an excellent book to read and share with as many people as you can.
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