The Prospect

Beth Williamson
The Prospect
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Samhain Publishing
Release Date
March 2014
Book 10 of The Malloy Family
Historical Romance, Western Romance

The lie that saves her life could destroy their love.

The Malloy Family, Book 10

Josephine Chastain never thought a case of typhoid would force her Oregon-bound family to leave her behind in Fort John—in the care of the last man she trusts. Others in the wagon train may have accepted Declan Calhoun's motives for kidnapping her sister Frankie, but not Jo.

When she wakes up from the three-week fever, though, she finds some things have changed. Declan is her husband. And their cabin is too small to contain the growing desire between them.

While Jo fights for her life, Declan finds himself falling for the bookish Chastain sister. A woman with a spine of steel and a seemingly bottomless well of smarts. In other words, everything he can never be.

Yet now is not the time to confess the little white lie that has thus far kept her safe. Not when he must figure out how to escape a quarantine that's turned into extortion. And resist Jo's determination to seduce him before she learns the truth. Before the unforgiving wilderness between them and safety claims their lives.

Warning: Be ready for a learned but stubborn woman, a man with a dark past who needs redeeming, and an adventure that will light your hair and your panties on fire.

Book Review by illhaveanotherbook (reviewer)
Jun 15, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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I have always been a fan of Beth Williamson's stories so I was very happy to join the Malloy Family again in their newest book, THE PROSPECT. And I was very glad I did as the book was a really great read.

Josephine Chastain and her family are on the move to Oregon to start a new life. Always been viewed as plain, she never thought that Declan would be interested in her. So as the family travels west she hides her feelings from him. When the wagon train stops at Fort John, she falls ill and comes to find out that she has Typhoid. Typhoid! Being stubborn, Josephine believes she can take care of herself and her family reluctantly leaves her at Fort John for the duration of her illness, with the intent of her journeying out to meet them when she recovered. But fate has other plans for Josephine and they include Declan Calhoun.

Declan Calhoun believes he has much to atone for, so when Josephine is given the diagnosis of Typhoid, he agrees to stay behind and care for her. And in order for Declan to stay with her, he tells the community of Fort John that they are married. As he spends his time in a tiny cabin taking care of Josephine, his attraction to her becomes more and more real. Once she has beaten the illness, he is set upon taking Josephine to her family and leaving her. But will Declan leave his heart there as well?

Declan is an intriguing character. I think because his background is quite murky, he might not come across as the most lovable guy. Declan is extremely attractive and carries himself with a quiet demeanor (at least around Josephine). But underneath the exterior and the murky past is a person that has a lot of guilt for his past actions but unsure how to move past them. And while Josephine could definitely be considered stubborn, I really thought that Declan had her beat. He loves her but feels that she would be better with someone else. In the end he does come around and realizes that Josephine is what's best for him. He needs someone like Josephine who can see beyond his actions to this person he truly is.

Josephine is a very strong and quiet woman. She has always been more interested in books then socializing with people. So I think she has a different opinion of how people see her. Even with her diagnosis of Typhoid, she felt that she could take care of herself. Having to rely on Declan is both a pleasure and a pain as she is attracted to him but doesn't think he likes her. She is determined to seduce him and make their relationship real. In addition to fighting for her relationship, she also has to work with Declan on getting out of the quarantine of Fort John…something that is proving quite hard.

The prospect is a great book and a wonderful addition to the Malloy Family series. I always enjoyed the details in the story as the author is very good at describing the time/place in which it's written. Josephine and Declan were two people that I really felt for and was happy to see them get their happy ending. In addition to being a great story, I found the cover to be one of the prettier ones I've seen in while. If you have read any of the Malloy Family stories this one is not to be missed.
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