Her Sinful Long Legs

Cassandre Dayne
Her Sinful Long Legs
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Rebel Ink Press
Release Date
January 2011
Erotic Romance

What could you give a man for his birthday that had everything? That was Brittany Cox's daunting task. David Miller, her secret lover, had every expensive toy money could buy. On one snowy winter night after a wicked round of sex, he admitted that he wanted his friends to watch their passion. Unfettered, an idea was brewing. When he presented her to her neighbor, forcing her to have sex in the hot lights of her picture window, she developed a naughty plan of her own. Unfortunately on the night of his birthday, she had to work. As the stretch limo took David and three of his close friends to their secret destination, he was shocked.

The strip club was not his idea of the best place to be without her. As the guest of honor, he was given front row seats to the show. The masked vixen hired began her dance of seduction. When she attempted her version of a lap dance, he broke the rules and touched. Shoved into a darkened room, he was undressed and tied to a chair. The dance not yet over, the mysterious woman teased and tasted, enlisting help from his shocked friends in an audience full of hungry voyeurs. Horrified, David refused to enjoy the stunning woman and he knew that Brittany could never forgive him for such betrayal. What David could not know what that there was another beguiling secret yet to be revealed.

Book Review by Sugarbeat's Books (reviewer)
Mar 25, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Brittany Cox and David Miller steam their way from one page to another, raising the temperature in the room as well as fogging your glasses! I think that sizzling hot and forbidden sex in Her Sinful Long Legs makes this the best erotica I've read in 2011! Watch this author for more great things to come.

Brittany Cox is having a secret relationship with David Miller. She's been friends with him and several other guys, but none of the others know that they have become friends with benefits. David is into voyeurism, but can Brittany throw her inhibitions aside to grant him a special birthday wish?

Brittany plans a special birthday party for her lover, David and these plans include their friends Bill, Carl and Mike. All David wants for his birthday is to have sex in front of a group of people. This night of his birthday, Brittany calls David and claims that she has to work, but encourages him and his friends to go ahead with the arrangements that she's put in place.

With misgivings, David gets into the limousine and heads off to the strip club where he is met by a large group of his friends and acquaintances. The masked woman who appears to entertain them is tempting, but David tries to resist her as he doesn't want to be unfaithful to Brittany. Eventually he can no longer resist temptation and gets the birthday present of his dreams.

HER SINFUL LONG LEGS is a really well written erotica that grabs hold of the reader and takes them for a ride through the land of the forbidden. The action is hot, and graphic, it is 55 pages of pure heat. This book isn't for the faint of heart. It involves spanking, anal sex, group sex and voyeurism. The author smoothly lays the foundation of David and Brittany's friendship and subsequent carnal relationship. The chemistry between the two sparks off the pages. Of the two, David is the more adventurous and is constantly pushing Brittany for more. The author clearly shows the trust that exists between them to allow for the furthering of their relationship.

I liked how the author managed to create an incredibly hot erotica that still had a happily ever after ending. I would highly recommend this book!
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