All I Have

Nicole Helm
All I Have
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Harlequin E
Release Date
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Mia Pruitt's done sacrificing. More geeky than glamorous in high school, she let Dell Wainright, the town's sexy party boy, overlook her while she waited for Mr. Right—who never came. Now it's time for some changes. Time to take control of her family's farm and her sex life. And Dell's the perfect guy to give her a hands-on lesson in passion.

Only, Dell's her toughest rival at the local farmer's market. With developers circling his father's land, he'll do whatever it takes to prove he's responsible enough to take the reins. Whether it's stripping off his shirt to entice women to his stand or temporarily joining forces with Mia to rescue both of their businesses.

But crossing the line between work and pleasure reaps more complications than either of them see coming. And they'll find out just how hot competition can get.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 16, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Even years after high school, labels are difficult things to shed, though farmers Mia and Dell give it their best shot in ALL I HAVE.

Mia Pruitt, former "Queen of the Geeks" is disgusted that fellow farmer--make that SEXY fellow farmer--Dell Wainwright gets half-nekked every week at the local farmers market, beating her in sales with that delicious body on display. The former shy wallflower is determined to beat him at his own game, and as the competitions grow fiercer the funnier the results!

The sparks between Mia and Dell are undeniable, and when they finally act on their attraction, it's unlike anything they've ever experienced. But even though Mia's outgrown her geeky reputation, Dell still has his naughty, not too smart rep that plagues him every day, especially within his own family. Competition between them heats up, and the couple find themselves trying to overcome jealousy, frustration and insecurity to make go at a real lasting relationship.

ALL I HAVE by Nicole Helm is included in the Harlequin Contemporary Box Set, Volume 2 and is a cute story featuring the popular jock and the class nerd ten years later. She's educated, he's not. She's doing very well at farming while he struggles every day. She's going to buy out her parents' farm and his dad refuses to sell to him…the differences are huge between the two. I liked them together, though their combined insecurities became a little too much at times.

Dell's a hot farmer who is okay with taking off his shirt at the farmers market if it means he can pick up some customers. He struggles with his attraction to the very geeky Mia, especially with her intelligence. He didn't want to accept her help or her ideas even though they were legitimately good, simply because he didn't want everyone rightfully knowing she made the decisions. The two had decent chemistry and I actually liked them together though. Even though he was a jerk sometimes, their banter and her wit in particular charmed me. Mia's almost debilitating anxiety was well written and sweetly awkward, making her easy to connect with. ALL I HAVE was a short and sweet romance and a good addition to this box set.
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