Harlequin E Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2: Maid to Crave / All I Have / The Last First Date / Light My Fire

Rebecca M. Avery; Nicole Helm; Maggie Wells; Kristina Knight
Harlequin E Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2: Maid to Crave / All I Have / The Last First Date / Light My Fire
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Harlequin E
Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

From Hollywood's red carpet to a farm stand in Missouri. Four novels about finding love in the unlikeliest of places…

Maid to Crave by Rebecca Avery (Man Maid, Book 2)

Single mom Tori Stewart doesn't know her housekeeper, former army man Seth Lewis, has many other creative uses for the feather duster. Until a night out on the town showcases those talents. Now Tori can't stop fantasizing about the housekeeper/exotic dancer—who's proving to be so much more than the sum of his spectacular parts.

All I Have by Nicole Helm

Mia Pruitt is determined to have a successful year at her farmer's market stand, but her fierce competitor keeps taking off his shirt to attract female customers. Mia might know more about apples and oranges than men, but she can't deny her attraction to Dell. Now, as the battle of the farm stands heat up, Mia and Dell arrive at the perfect compromise—they'll have fun, till it's not….

The Last First Date by Maggie Wells

First date number forty-eight comes to a screeching halt for detective Langley Sheppard when his date lifts a pack of gum from the local convenience store. But things start looking up when he encounters spunky damsel in distress Jessica Vickers, who's stranded in the store parking lot. Now Lang is about to discover that on a night when everything goes wrong, falling for Jessica feels spectacularly right.

Light My Fire by Kristina Knight

Lily MacIntyre's life is offtrack, and she knows exactly how to right it: shed her America's sweetheart image in a big way. Getting down and dirty in a limo with rocker Nate Lansford seems like the perfect solution. Plus, she's had a mad crush on him practically since birth. The only problem? Nate is her brother's best friend…and he doesn't see her as anything other than a surrogate little sister.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jun 25, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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The Harlequin Contemporary Box Set, Volume 2 is a compilation of four stories by four different authors all focused on finding love in unlikely places. Whether it's a snowstorm with a broken down car, the man you've known since childhood protecting you from the paparazzi, a sexy rival farmer competing for his share of the profits or the guy loading the dishwasher during the day and dancing at night, love can bloom anywhere at any time! You never know when cupid's arrow might strike! Overall, this was a decent box set, with some stories better, for me, than others, but definitely worth reading.

Highlights of the reviews of individual books are as follows (the full review will be posted on each book's review page):

MAID TO CRAVE by Rebecca M. Avery

What else would an Army veteran do upon retirement but join his former commander's company, Man Maid!

MAID TO CRAVE is the second book in Rebecca Avery's Man Maid series and the first story in the Harlequin Contemporary Romance Box Set Volume 2. I had to immediately suspend reality a bit to believe a higher ranking Army guy would be content washing dishes and doing laundry...and getting nekked and dirty with random screaming women on a regular basis. It sounds sexy.

I liked the underlying theme of MAID TO CRAVE of not judging a book by its cover and getting to know the person underneath the glasses or flirty smile. But I'm not entirely convinced that Tori is the right woman for Seth quite frankly. I also don't particularly care for the ugly duckling storyline either, and their connection seemed completely superficial and solely based on looks on both sides.

Also disappointing was the lack of sex. When it finally did happen between the two, it was very anticlimactic. Overall, this book was rather frustrating but decently written.

ALL I HAVE by Nicole Helm

Even years after high school, labels are difficult things to shed, though farmers Mia and Dell give it their best shot in ALL I HAVE.

This is a cute story featuring the popular jock and the class nerd ten years later. She's educated, he's not. She's doing very well at farming while he struggles every day. She's going to buy out her parents' farm and his dad refuses to sell to him…the differences are huge between the two. I liked them together, though their combined insecurities became a little too much at times.

However, the two had decent chemistry and I actually liked them together though. Mia's almost debilitating anxiety was well written and sweetly awkward, making her easy to connect with. ALL I HAVE was a short and sweet romance and a good addition to this box set.


THE LAST FIRST DATE contains what I can only describe as THE best meeting between a couple in any book ever. It is a terrifically funny story that will have you chuckling and panting in turn. Jessica's inner monologue is really hysterical and her names for Lang and his date just kept me smiling. "Detective delicious, officer Galahad, detective do me, officer hottie and his dream date, backseat bimbette, shoplifting Sally..." The fun went on and on.

I really loved the unique storyline, and THE LAST FIRST DATE is one I could easily see as the plot of a romcom on the big screen. Like all of the books by Ms. Wells I've had the good fortune to read, THE LAST FIRST DATE is a funny and lighthearted read with great dialogue and characters you can connect with.

LIGHT MY FIRE by Kristina Knight

I really dug this book, a combination of fun and sensual and sexy with excellent characters in a Hollywood setting. They sound like the typical Tinsel Town couple—man-whore musician with gorgeous upcoming starlet. But their banter and obviously deep friendship and love was evident in every move they made and the chemistry was incredible. LIGHT MY FIRE also had some decadent sex scenes, making this last book in the box set a much desired treat.

LIGHT MY FIRE is an excellent read and a great addition to the set! I'd love more of Lily and Nate in the future.
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