Signal to Noise

Talya Andor
Signal to Noise
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Less Than Three Press LLC
Release Date
October 2012
Book 1 of Psionic Frequency
LGBTQ, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic

It's been three years since the Incursion; three long years since Bastian and his twin brother Theo became the sole survivors on the planet Noise. Their distress calls have gone unanswered, and they are running out of supplies. They have no one but each other. And when the long-awaited rescue finally arrives, it brings with it complications that make being alone and forgotten look easy.

NOTE: This story contains incest

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Oct 26, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Action packed sci-fi with some added sexiness as a bonus.

It's been three years since the Incursion when Bastian and Theo were left as the sole survivors on their planet, Noise. All that time Bastian never gave up with their distress calls and his belief that they would be rescued. While Theo never gave up on protecting them and keeping his Bastian safe. But when help did arrive, it wasn't just a simple rescue.

Right away you can feel Theo and Bastian's connection. They're twins and have always been there for each other. Since they've been alone for years, they've turned to each other for more. I really liked the way the twincest was portrayed. It wasn't made out to be right or wrong. The boys knew what they were doing wasn't normal. They knew they shouldn't have had those feelings but they did, and their connection was obvious. When we're introduced to them they already have an established romantic relationship but there is some talk of the past that brings out more of their feelings. I got the sense that what they felt started before the Incursion, even if they didn't act on it until after.

Both of their characters were very well defined and they stayed true to themselves throughout the story. Theo was always taking care of Bastian, no matter if Bastian needed it, that's just what he did. I especially loved sweet Bastian with his devotion to Theo and his hopefulness. Plus, he wore guyliner. Hot.

The relationship wasn't the main focus of the book. At the core was the "rescue mission". The rescue team was there to get a natural resource off of the planet, since they didn't know there were any survivors. Noise was attacked and taken over by Armors and they were guarding this resource. The Armors were seriously creepy and there were some great gory alien scenes. There was tons of actions surrounding the Armors and I would have loved to find out more about them.

The writing felt fresh and different. It was just a cool story. I mean, the planet was called Noise. Cool, right? It was a sci-fi but I didn't feel bogged down by a bunch of techno mumbo-jumbo. Instead, there was really good imagery in every scene and all the characters.

Sci-fi is kind of a hit and miss for me and this was a total hit. I can't wait to read more!
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