Purrs and Lace

D. McEntire
Purrs and Lace
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Turquoise Morning Press
Release Date
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

Angelina knows the meaning of a hard life. Searching for a place to belong, she finds more than she bargains for with Devin Clark, a well-known drug dealer, pimp and gang-banger. Angelina Monroe slips from existence, replaced by Angel, cocaine addict.

Jonah Stark has learned to stay clear of town. Instead, he survives atop a mountain on land owned by members of his community--where everyone has a secret. Jonah and his people are shapeshifters.

Icy roads along the mountain side and a deadly tractor-trailer accident brings Angel's attempt to escape her life and the man who holds her in that life to an abrupt halt. Jonah finds her lying injured and unconscious in the snow and takes her in, but not everyone in the small community of snow leopard shifters puts out the welcome mat for the drug addicted, human female.

Beginning the long road to recovery, Angel opens her eyes to life without drugs and Jonah vows to keep her from ever turning back. She stirs something within him, making it impossible to let her go. But, how far will he go when her past returns to claim her?

Book Review by Mia (reviewer)
Feb 28, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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D. McEnitre has a winner with PURRS AND LACE. I was addicted from the first page. I was unprepared for how connected I became with the characters. The physical and emotional battles that they go through are heartbreaking. This is definitely not how other romances usually start off.

Angelina Monroe struggles with a drug addiction and has given up on life. Living with prostitutes, she goes through each day thinking less of herself. Her identity is replaced with 'Angel' and she becomes a personal prostitute for Devin Clark, a drug dealer and pimp, who pays for Angel's 'services' in drugs. Sinking to the lowest point of her life, she finally finds the courage to leave, desperate to escape her hell on earth. During a shootout, she uses the chaos to her advantage to steal money and drugs from Devin and takes off before anyone notices.

Reading about Angelina's life makes you desperately want to rescue her. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't put the book down. I needed to know if she ever managed to turn her situation around.

The story changes levels when Angelina did her best to stay strong, and when she sneaked onto the back of a big rig truck right when it is taking off. She is desperate for a ride out of town, but she is not willing to pay any 'favors' for it. She was done with that part of her life. Unbeknownst to her, the rig hits black ice and loses control, and Angelina is thrown off the truck. Before she blacks out, she figures that fate had finally caught up to punish her for her horrible life.

Jonah Stark is dealing with his own inner demons. With his uncle Kaleb and little sister Abby, they attempt to rebuild their life away from civilization. Not only is he trying to accept the death of his parents, but as a shapeshifter, he also has to deal with hunters setting traps around their new village. He has enough to deal with. He doesn't have the desire to settle down and find a mate. His life is too complicated.

When Jonah takes his little sister, also a shapeshifter, outside for a walk, they find Angelina passed out on the bottom of a hill, clinging on to life. Normally he wouldn't deal with humans but something about her stirred protective feelings in him. Getting her back to his cabin, Jonah gladly nurses Angelina back from her injures and puts her through a detox program to get her drug free. He knows that she is his destined mate, and he is determined to build both of their lives into something worthwhile.

I really enjoyed this book. It has so much passion and heart. D. McEnitre created some wonderful characters that value human life and love above everything else. This story is raw and real. It doesn't sugar coat drug addiction or emotional damage. Angelina is not the perfect woman you normally read about in other romance books, she has a lot of flaws. Being an outcast, she turns to drugs in an attempt to find a family. But because of her addiction, she knows that she does not deserve Jonah's love or a fairytale life. Everyone she has ever cared for has been taken away from her.

As for Jonah, he carries the burden and responsibility of his family and village on his shoulders. His emotional scars are really deep. He needs just as much help as Angelina does. It was refreshing to read about characters that deal with real problems.

I have nothing but high praises and recommend PURRS AND LACE for anyone to read. D. McEnitre created a story that made it impossible not to connect with any of the characters. I know those who decide to pick up this book will not be disappointed.
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