These Haunted Heights

Ally Blue
These Haunted Heights
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Release Date
January 2011
Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ

The tiny town of Sebastian's Bluff is a photojournalist's dream come true. But Ron Winters doesn't expect the moody, mysterious man next door to get under his skin and stay there.

When Drew LaSalle meets Ron, feelings he thought twenty years gone stir to life again. He wants what he could have with Ron. But does he want it enough to get past his own walls and grasp it?

Secrets, spirits and tragedy converge as Ron peels back the layers of Drew's past and Drew fights both Ron and his own ghosts on the haunted road to happily ever after.

Book Review by Sueroe (author)
Feb 27, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Ally Blue never fails to satisfy her devoted fans' insatiable appetites. And THESE HAUNTED HEIGHTS will be listed as one of her greats. It's a book that can't be put down until devoured to the end.

Her main characters are so believable you imagine meeting them on the street as old friends. Unfortunately, one of them is named Ron (sorry, Rons everywhere), which is immediately forgiven once you discover it's short for Oberon – the King of the Fairies. A nice humorous touch. The opening lines to the book catch the reader's eye immediately: "Ron was lying in the lush green grass atop the bluff when Terrence broke up with him". And that was the end of Terrence.

Good-looking, friendly and generous Ron is relieved by the break-up. He's staying at his aunt's huge house on top of the hill at Sebastian's Bluff and it's not long before he catches the eye of his gruff neighbor, Drew LaSalle. Now Drew is just the stuff romantic heroes are made of: he's a recluse with a poor opinion of himself, bad-tempered, long-leaned with a honed body. And a mouth, Ron decides, he could kiss all day long. Drew's "ratty" jeans always seem to hug his fine ass. Yet neither character is stereotyped as each have their own special personalities that fit the theme which at times runs deep, touching on sensitive issues such as trauma.

I love Ally Blue's books because the romance always builds with tantalizing teasing and THESE HAUNTED HEIGHTS is no exception. Both men are deeply attracted and Ron, puppy-like, would bounce into a relationship at the drop of a pop-tart if he could. But Drew is much more complicated and traumatized to allow himself to commit to anybody. He's strong enough, physically, to keep Ron at arm's length. The romance entices both characters and readers to popping point. There's no preaching about the M/M relationship nor gratuitous sex, but when sex does come, it's sizzling hot.

Ron continues on his ownsome in the large house that must be haunted, judging by the moaning and wailing that comes from the attic. As Ron tries to discover the house history, it becomes ever clearer that Drew is somehow involved with the misery in the attic. The Pearl Paranormal Research Group, which have been in other Ally Blue novels, makes a brief appearance, which is like meeting old friends again.

The plot romps through disaster, disappointments, accidents, which make you want to stand on a table, beat your chest in fury, laugh out loud or have tears running down your face.

I thoroughly recommend this as an excellent read for all lovers of romance. But read it when you have a whole day free because you won't be able to put it down.
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