Her Laird, Her Lover

Sable Grey
Her Laird, Her Lover
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Breathless Press
Release Date
August 2010
Book 1 of Scattered
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

Scottish border lord Robert Shelley doesn't believe that the blind woman has the gift of knowing, and quickly learns that his suspicions are correct, but what he doesn't expect is the searing lust she ignites inside him.

Katie Stewart has been swept back into medieval time and has adjusted the best way she knows howóby conning her way into enough coins to survive. She's content with her life until a big Scotsman walks into her cottage and seizes her heart, making her want more than just his gifts and the occasional romp. Katie wants himóforever.

Book Review by Carole [admin] (author)
Oct 03, 2010   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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"Short, hot with an unforgettable character for a heroine!"

Katie Stewart's accident threw her back into the past, during the medieval times when the Scots were at war with the English. Fortunately for her, a kind old woman took her in, where eventually, three years after, she met a Scottish border laird who eventually became her lover. Tensions arose when the enemy came looking for her...

Katie stands out in this story. Fierce, independent and straight-talking, she marches to the beat of her own drum. I've read a lot of books over the years, and Katie is like a breath of fresh air. No wonder Robert, the hero, is captivated with her. She's also intensely loyal to the woman who'd helped her, whom she treated like a mother.

At one point, I was also surprised to find her quite bloodthirsty, then I realized her character was so right for the time period. In a time when men fight in wars to protect the borders of their homeland, she was a good fit, a kick-ass heroine who dealt with the situations that life has thrown her into on her own terms.

The passion between Robert and Katie was hot and hungry, fierce and desperate. I find myself rooting for Katie to win the guy, even though Katie didn't seem to have the same inclination. She appeared to be a woman who doesn't have expectations, but was content to enjoy what she has at the moment. However, I feel that more sexual tension before they did the deed the first time would be good, as it would heighten the excitement for the reader.

I finished this book within an hour or so, definitely not more than two hours. There could be several reasons for this: it's short, I read fast, but definitely, because the story's captivating and engaging. I would recommend this book not only for historical romance lovers, but for anyone who loves to read about an unforgettable character.
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