Bondage a la Carte

Jurgen von Stuka
Bondage a la Carte


Pink Flamingo Publications
Release Date
June 2014

Prepare yourself! Things are never quite what they seem to be and here are nine different stories of domination to prove it. In each tale, some poor, unsuspecting females encounter men who have really only on thing on their mind: to subjugate the females and to enjoy doing it. However, in more than one episode, the women involved either know from the outset or soon discover that being a bottom is not necessarily a bad thing. While consent may be long in coming, the idea of being tied, chained, gagged and tormented while under someone else's absolute control can be appealing, especially if your prior life was less than spectacular. So, herein is a short tale about a young German model who apparently has plenty of Euros, but wants a very special session with an exclusive BDSM firm. She wants to be tied, strapped, plugged, gagged, blindfolded and sealed in a cocoon. She gets what she wants. Maybe more than she wants. Here too is the tale of the American tourist who boards the wrong tram and ends up at the top of the erotica menu for a rather odd, kinky cult. Even if that situation was a surprise, what comes later is even more revealing for her. Then there is the guy who has more money than he knows what to do with and discovers that in fact, money can buy almost everything, including his wildest B/S dreams. He just has to fly 5,000 miles to get it. And meet the physician who enjoys entertaining a group of young women in his very special office while he creates living works of highly erotic art. He enjoys it. The women don't. There's a lot more here. Read and enjoy.
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