The Chevalier

Jacqueline Seewald
The Chevalier


Release Date
November 2013
Historical Romance

The Chevalier is set in England and the Scottish Highlands in 1745 at the turbulent period of the second Jacobite Rebellion. The romantic involvement is between a French aristocrat who is part Scottish and a handsome British army officer who finds her as desirable as she finds him. Try as hard as they might, their overwhelming passion for each other cannot be denied. Unfortunately, people and events come between them and nearly destroy their relationship.
Madeline--young, romantic, passionate, impulsive--and Gareth--world weary and cynical—-are the heroine and hero. Politically, they are on opposite sides. Yet there is a strong and immediate attraction between them. Madeline's mother wants her to marry her Highland laird cousin, Andrew, but Madeline's heart is with Gar.
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