Tiffany Lee
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Tiffany Lee
Release Date
June 2014
Book 1 of The Ryan's
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery


She lived a beautiful life with a husband, two beautiful kids, and a career. But underneath it all, was a savagery that Lizbeth decided she was most definitely done with. Her husband, however, had other ideas.


Having suffered loss and heartache at an early age, Declan learned that being alone served him and his son just fine. But after spending years hearing about Lizbeth and her love and passion for life in spite of the horrible events that
had occurred, he was half gone before ever meeting her.


Finally able to free herself and her kids of the pain, rage and desolate existence they'd endured for years, Lizbeth moves them across the country to a small town outside Boston, Massachusetts. Believing they would have the opportunity
to finally settle and heal, Lizbeth's life is thrown for a loop after bumping into Declan for the first time.


As Declan's strength and determination slowly convince
Lizbeth to take a chance on him, other forces seek to tear them apart. From her own insecurities, to her children, and a fanatical person obsessed with tormenting them all.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Apr 18, 2015   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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On the surface, Lizbeth and Jack's marriage seemed perfect. But after years of abuse and one horrible confrontation that left Lizbeth with serious physical scars, she and her kids have finally moved across the country, seeking safety and solitude in small town Quincy, Massachusetts, where her best friends live.

Almost immediately, Lizbeth meets Declan Ryan and her world view is shattered. Suddenly, this big beautiful man is inserting himself into her life, making friends with her kids and vowing to protect and cherish her. Before she knows what's happening, he's everywhere, and she can't get enough of his sensually dominant all just feels so RIGHT. But even though her ex is in prison for a long, LONG time, the family has gained a stalker in one of his fans, putting Lizbeth's kids and the entire Ryan family in serious danger.

DECLAN is the debut novel from Tiffany Lee and the first offering in The Ryan's Series featuring a big and brash Boston Irish family and the people they love. Ms. Lee absolutely knocked this first book out of Fenway Park. Seriously, how "freakin" scrumptious is Declan!? Demanding and dominant and totally Alpha yet sweet and caring and protective of his Lizbeth. He's known for years once he spotted "her" that she would be IT for him, and the second he laid eyes on the beautiful and incredibly strong woman, he was a goner. I was surprised that Lizbeth didn't put up more of a struggle with his sometimes high-handed ways, especially given that her ex was a controlling and abusive sadist. That she fell HARD for a man with the same basic attributes was rather surprising, but fortunately Declan chose to use his powers for good and not evil. And with those sex scenes? Those powers were most definitely used for good. Repeatedly. In delightfully decadent ways. Yummy!

With tidbits from the crazy ex and Lizbeth's stalker interspersed in the chapters, Ms. Lee kept me on my toes waiting for the evil shoe to drop. My only complaint with DECLAN is that the last 1/3 of the book was riddled with editing errors left and right, from name misspellings to unfinished/nonsensical sentences, grammatical oopsies and more. For me, nothing detracts from a great story more than things that should be easily caught and fixed. That said and those things fixed, DECLAN could easily be one of the best debut novels I've had the fortune of reading. I'm looking forward to the intriguing story of Sophie Ryan next!
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