Icing on the Cake

Karla Doyle
Icing on the Cake
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Karla Doyle
Release Date
June 2014
Book 2 of Close to Home
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Nia and Conn's wedding will be fairytale perfect…if their siblings can get along.

Free-spirited, anti-establishment Sara has always been on the outside of her family's fairytale mold. Now she's being forced smack into the middle of it at her sister Nia's wedding. Alongside the cocky and annoyingly sexy best man—Conn's cop brother.

Curtis doesn't buy in to organized romance and fairytales. But for his brother, he'll throw on a tux and fake it for a few hours. His flak vest would have been a better choice around the maid of honor. He should have brought his handcuffs too, because somebody needs to restrain the dark-haired spitfire—and he's just the man for the job.

One night to indulge the spark between them, then goodbye—that was the agreement. Curtis isn't looking for a relationship and he sure doesn't want a troublemaker for a girlfriend. The last thing Sara needs in her daily life is a cop looking over her shoulder, no matter how hot he is.
But giving in to their chemistry is much more fun than giving it up…

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Jul 30, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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She's the maid of honor and an adopted sister from hell and she's got a lot to answer for, so there's no way she's going to let her family down and ruin this dream wedding. It should be enough that he's the groom's brother and best man, but now he's got to babysit the bride's out-of-control adopted sister. And of course, cops and bad girls don't mix well, or do they?

When she was a child, fate stole away her parents in a house fire and then it stole her uncle in the line of duty. Those events tore her once happy, carefree world apart. When fate almost stole her adoptive father in an accident with a chainsaw, Sara Robinson was truly broken. Loving anyone, including herself, was simply too great a risk, as was having anyone love her in return. So Sara kept everyone at arm's length by becoming a wild child who thought that disappointing others would drive them to stop caring what happened to a girl who couldn't love others because she wasn't worth loving herself.

Now, nearing thirty, Sara's still trying to push others out of her life. She's a college drop-out, a rebel with a criminal history who can't hold down a job, the woman who slept with her adoptive sister Nia's old boyfriend and even made a play for Conn, the man who's now marrying Nia. But since she and Nia had made up, there was no way Sara was going to spoil Nia's big day, and enticing the groom's brother Curtis was a bad idea that never should have crossed her mind. Yet, it did cross Sara's mind once sexy cop Curtis let it slip that Conn had tasked him with babysitting her to make sure she didn't do anything to ruin the wedding.

Curtis Lawler never met the sister of the bride until the wedding rehearsal, but he'd heard enough about bad girl Sara to recognize her when he saw her. But, with a cop's instincts, Curtis sensed there was something more to Sara than a troublemaker with a smart mouth who made bad choices. Intrigued, Curtis was no more immune to the bad girl than she was to his tattoos and upstanding good guy image, and he wasn't about to let her push him away until he could figure her out.

They both knew it was a bad idea to have a fling during the weekend of Conn and Nia's wedding, but they agreed it would be for just one night. But the more Curtis cracked Sara's façade, the more he knew he wasn't ready to walk away until he knew all of her secrets.

Karla Doyle has done it again! First, she wrote the perfect good girl story in Cup of Sugar, and now she's aced the perfect bad girl story with ICING ON THE CAKE, but beware if alpha males, sexually adventurous females and detailed scenes of very non-vanilla sex make you squeamish. If this disclosure doesn't scare you off, you'll fall in love with a cop with a heart of gold who likes a little kink in the bedroom, and find an exasperating bad girl deserving of some empathy and love from the right man, even though she can't help fighting to maintain the status quo. And the pacing, plot, dialogue, and secondary characters are absolutely spot on awesome like sprinkles on the icing of this wonderful cake.

Ms. Doyle's mix of passion and emotion will keep you on edge and breathless with anticipation, so don't choke on that ice water when the heat starts to get to you!
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