An Inconvenient Love

Alexia Adams
An Inconvenient Love
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Crimson Romance
Release Date
June 2014
Contemporary Romance

Neither wanted love in their marriage. But you don't always get what you want.

Sophia Stevens is tired of struggling to pay the rent and help her brother through college. After seven years on her own, she is no farther ahead than the day she walked out on her old life and started again. So when super-sexy Italian property developer Luca Castellioni proposes a marriage of convenience, she's intrigued. Financial security and life in a beautiful Italian villa in exchange for attending a few business functions and typing some letters seems very convenient. Until she breaks the most definite term of their arrangement: she falls in love with her husband.

Luca Castellioni lives for his job restoring beautiful buildings to their former glory. When his business expansion plans are hampered by the need for an English-speaking secretary and a wife, he does what any efficient businessman would do and combines his requirements. But when his fascination with his wife distracts him from business, he wishes there was more marriage and not so much convenience in their agreement. Too bad his wife has reconstructed her own life, without him.

When their respective lives pull them in opposite directions, they must decide: will they continue to put their businesses first, or allow love to overcome the obstacles between them?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Jul 24, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Oh, what I wouldn't give to be whisked away to a beautiful Italian villa, given a credit card and told to "divertiti" ("have fun"). Therefore, Sophia is on my women to hate list after reading AN INCONVENIENT LOVE.

When Sophia Stevens meets the impossibly gorgeous Luca Castellioni, the air is sucked out of her lungs. He seems interested in her but what would a handsome Italian millionaire want with a lowly office assistant? Sophia thinks she's gone mad when Luca proposes to her, offering her a mutually beneficial business arrangement to help him secure more family-oriented business. She may be insane, but Sophia jumps on Luca's offer as it's her once in a lifetime chance to start a new life. In Italy, no less!

Luca was smitten with Sophia the moment he saw her, but when he rescued her from the clutches of an overzealous wife of a potential client, he knows she's perfect for his needs. Luca doesn't want the trappings of love, so a business arrangement with a smart, beautiful, funny and perceptive woman who will share his bed, make him a father someday, speak intelligently on all manners of business and help him with his own business seems perfect! But Luca soon finds himself falling desperately in love with her, wanting to spend every moment he can near her, and Sophia feels the same way. This is a major inconvenience for them both, as career opportunities for them both have skyrocketed. In the end, they'll need to decide if their marriage of convenience is worth the inconvenience of being in real, true love.

AN INCONVENIENT LOVE will have you looking at your own relationship and wondering if you would have the courage to pack up your life and move to a foreign land into a marriage of convenience & business. The dichotomy of Luca's old-fashioned values paired with Sophia's need for independence was interesting to watch, as were the ways they handled their cultural differences and language barriers along with their growing feelings for one another. I found their story rather captivating actually, since it's a blissfully slow reveal of Sophia's past along with Luca's realization that he's held captive by his wife, yet neither of them communicating worth a damn.

Well written, sometimes dark with spots of humor and love, AN INCONVENIENT LOVE is a fresh book that fans of many genres will appreciate. While there's little sex (and what is there is very vanilla), the actual romance and connection between Luca and Sophia will make you forget that you wanted it. I'm not sure I approved of the ultimate choices that the pair made, however that's for each reader to decide. I don't want to give any of the fun of reading this away.

All in all, AN INCONVENIENT LOVE is a lovely read and one I'll recommend to friends as an excellent beach read.
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