Ballroom Dancing: An Erotic Romance of Domance and Submission

Anna Andreesen
Ballroom Dancing: An Erotic Romance of Domance and Submission


Anna Andreesen
Release Date
June 2014
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Anna Andreesen: "Although I give completely legal, private parlor parties for my friends—all consenting adults—I am aware that the ‘gender intensification games' we play there have placed me in a misunderstood, repressed minority which is disturbing to many, so I've cloaked my parties in secrecy until now. When two of my guests came to one such party, they were each with someone else, but many months later I set aside work on my master's thesis in anthropology because the relationship that developed so captured my heart, I had to write it all down.

"When my late husband introduced me to bondage and discipline, I was conflicted and in turmoil for a long time because I'm a person who has to understand why—why do so many of us find BDSM intoxicating when the concept seems to be so contradictory to our image of being a modern woman? After reading all I could archive on the subject and finding no good answers, I've included among the conversations in the story of their romance what I feel may be the first reasonable explanation ever in print. What do you think?"

Ballroom Dancing relates a captivating relationship between two strangers in fantasy, some hot bondage and discipline, and an engaging young woman's search for real answers to her conflict, "Why does this excite me? As a feminist, how can I become an executive where I work and still allow and enjoy a man doing these strange things to me?"

A roller coaster ride of fascinating characters in an intriguing story, hot dominance and submission sex scenes, and a romantic relationship you won't want to end! ‘A little conversation can be delicious foreplay' and with a blend of intelligent discussion contrasted with heart-stopping sexual explorations, Anna Andreesen takes the genre to previously unexplored places.
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