Best Gay Romance

edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane
Best Gay Romance
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Cleis Press
Release Date
January 2014

Passion and Possibility

The best part of romance is what might happen next...that pivotal moment where we stop and realize, This is wonderful. Romance can be many things: thrilling, inspiring, passionate and life altering. But most of all, love—whether new or lifelong—creates endless possibilities. Best Gay Romance 2014 reminds us all of how love can begin: at the grocery store, the gym, the library or even online. Star editors Timothy J. Lambert and R. D. Cochrane bring us stories of real romance between real men. A meet-up at a marriage equality protest is the beginning of something real in Eric Gober's "Strange Propositions." Sometimes being a true friend is the best thing you can do for your lover, as in N. S. Beranek's "There's No Question It's Love." Skinny-dipping strangers heat up the water in James Booth's "Falling."

Book Review by Susan Mac Nicol (author)
Jul 07, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you're looking for sweet, hot, first meetings, chance meetings, romance and love that has lasted, then this book holds all you need. It's a collection of all tastes from the tender, bittersweet romance of Jameson Currier's 'My Adventure with Tom Sawyer' about two young men on a lake, camping out in the woods, to the entertaining and intriguing 'Shep- a Dog' by Alex Jeffers, a really heartwarming, feel good tale about a man and his dog, and that's about all I'm going to say, as to say more would be to spoil the twist at the end. This was one of my favourite stories in the anthology for its sweetness, its coming of age and the humour contained in it.

Then of course there's 'Save the Last Dance for Me', by David Puterbaugh, a poignant story about two men who know each other well, who have been together many years, yet can still discover something unknown about each other when the time is right.

I enjoy anthologies that offer the reader a taste of everything. This particular book is definitely about the Romance with a capital R. It's not heated sex encounters, get me off quick in the back alley, but rather about men coming to terms with who they are and what they want. Sometimes, as in 'Carver Comes Home', it's about a man returning to his hometown when his mother is dying and wanting to right a wrong he did many years ago to a man he cared for. It's about the sweet tang of faith and hope and bitterness, like that contained in the beautiful story of 'Sight', the frailty of humans to accept that love can find them no matter what their frailties might be. Archer and Noah have a story to tell in this one that leaves a lump in your throat. To me, this was without doubt the best story in the book. Noah's blindness and insecurities, and Archer's patience--just beautiful to read about.

So I can recommend this book if you fancy having your heartstrings pulled, variety in your characters and your settings, and enjoy different styles of writing by talented writers who know their Romance. A very worthwhile read.
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