Adam's Obsession

Sabrina York
Adam's Obsession
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Ellora's Cave
Release Date
April 2012
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Hopelessly shy and utterly repressed, Katherine Hart slakes her taboo desires online, where the anonymity allows her to indulge without embarrassment. Her virtual lover, Savage, is willing to meet her every need, especially once he discovers her naughty little secret-more than anything, she craves a masterful man. Fortunately, Savage is just that. And then some.

When Adam Trillo-aka Savage-discovers the shameless, erotic woman he's been tangling with online is actually his demure coworker, he's determined to seduce her in real life. He longs to release the wild Kat he knows lurks just below the surface. With a relentless mix of domination and persuasive charm, he draws her into his web until she's helpless to deny their mutual passion. Particularly when she's tied to his bed.

Book Review by Jen B (reviewer)
Jul 08, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If you have ever hoped to find love, or lust, on the Internet, or fallen in love with someone in the office, this book will take your fantasies to a completely different level!

Financial analyst Katherine Hart is prim and proper in the office. She wears buttoned up, dull-colored business suits everyday to work, hoping to blend in. Men don't look at her, women don't look at her, she is "invisible" and that is how she likes it. Or is it? Deep down, underneath the prim exterior, Kat fantasizes. She fantasizes about her boss Adam Trillo, she fantasizes about him mastering her and claiming her. She wants him but she can't have him so she uses her virtual lover "Savage" to satisfy her desires. Of course, virtual is never as good as the real thing.

Adam Trillo, partner at Trillo-Maris, has desires too, desires he allows himself to indulge in online with his "WildKat". By complete accident, he discovers the identity of his online seductress--his very buttoned up and proper analyst Katherine. Much to his surprise, and his delight, he convinces her, through his virtual persona, to unbutton and let her hair down. However, soon his feelings develop into more than just lust and he finds himself thinking about forever. The only problem is that he and his brother have a hard and fast rule: No dating anyone in the office. But rules were made to be broken, right?

Once again, Sabrina York really lights up the pages in this book. The first book in her Wired series absolutely sizzled. I love how the characters are strong yet not afraid to be vulnerable. There is no angst just for the sake of having it. Once Adam realizes who Kat is, he makes up his mind on a course of action and goes for it. Reading as Adam helped Kat become the woman she really wanted to be was fascinating. I'm sure there are a lot of women, and men, in the world who can relate to that feeling!

Sabrina York's books are fun to read and they make me look forward to each new one. This book was no different and as soon as I finished it, I was ordering Tristan's Temptation and Making Over Maris, the next two books in the series, so I could read about the other two partners that are introduced in the first book. Trust me, buy any of this author's books and ensure you have a cold drink near you because the heat will make you go up in flames!
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