Faith Ashlin
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Totally Bound
Release Date
August 2014
Historical Romance, LGBTQ

Bobby is fighting fervently amid the planes and bombs of World War Two when events take a passionate turn with the arrival of a new pilot. Can Lewis offer him more than he thought possible?

During the Second World War, two airmen from Texas join the Royal Air Force, while America is still neutral. The attraction between them is immediate. Bobby, a navigator, has given up on thoughts of relationships, concentrating instead on the war he fervently believes in. Lewis, his new pilot, is full of life, passionate about planes and playing his part in the war.

They connect immediately with intense, but furtive, sex. Their bond grows during many tough raids and passionate nights, until Lewis pushes Bobby to admit how he feels. Bobby didn't think love was a possibility. But now Lewis is here, real and offering everything he could never admit he wanted.

Can they have a future together during the war?

Book Review by Breann (reviewer)
Aug 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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A sweet romance set in a time when anything could happen. These men decided to seize the day in PATHFINDER.

Bobby gets a new flight partner, Lewis. He and Lewis are instantly attracted to each other. Lewis makes the moves on Bobby right away. It's not often he'd get a chance like this in the military in 1941, especially during such dangerous times.

I would have really liked a little more tension between Bobby and Lewis. Instead, they went right into being sex buddies. Once they were together, their relationship slowly moved into being more. It was nice to see what they had develop further. The way things progressed was very natural.

I'm not a history buff, so I don't know how accurate the scenes were. But I can say that they seemed genuine and felt realistic. There was a definite sense of war and the time period. Speaking of the time period, I love historicals that aren't set in the Regency period. Of course, I love Regency, but it's so refreshing to read about a different time period, one that isn't seen too often. Total props for that.

PATHFINDER was just slow. I found myself being distracted and putting the story down quite often. A bit of a quicker pace would have been nice.

This was my first Faith Ashlin, and while it isn't a favorite, I'll for sure be on the lookout for more.
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