Domestically Tamed

Sarah Vicks
Domestically Tamed


Astraea Press
Release Date
May 2014
Book 2 of Exotic Locales
Historical Romance

An impromptu parent… The Honorable Miles Tame is not pleased his sister Jocelyn dumped his almost fifteen-year-old niece onto his doorstep. He has absolutely no idea what to do with a young lady—or any sort of young person for that matter. When he arrives at the school to retrieve Emily, he literally runs into the efficient and highly kissable Miss Pennyroyal.

A surprise invitation… Miss Phoebe Pennyroyal is the headmistress of an academy for young ladies in Brighton. She's a widow with a sixteen-year-old son, looking forward to summer holidays so she can read the pile of scandalous novels confiscated from her students. But a last minute plea to play companion to Emily as well as attend a house party to celebrate the girl's birthday sends her into a tither.

An unexpected romance… What follows next is one week filled with bouts of rain, bored young people and madcap scrapes only adolescents could enjoy—except it's their adult chaperones who tumble into a few slightly improper meetings which make both Miles and Phoebe think perhaps they aren't too old for love after all.


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