Knightly Seduction

Tracy L. Ranson
Knightly Seduction
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Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
Release Date
February 2011
Erotic Romance, Historical Romance

After being kidnapped, shrewd business woman Tess McLeod awakens in a brothel room ready to be sold at a "virgin auction." She refuses to comply with the brothel, especially when that leaves her inheritance, McLeod Shipping, in the hands of her abductor and late father's business partner, "Mad" Jack Anderson.

To avoid a scandal, Duke William Knightly of Devenleigh, the head of Riverlark Shipping, follows his frivolous, carefree brothers to the brothel auction to take them home. He doesn't plan to make a purchase, but when Tess is brought to the dais, his conscience tells him to save her. But it's only after he pays for her that he discovers the mysterious woman is a threat to everything he knows, including his heart.

Book Review by Sooz (reviewer)
Apr 03, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Duke William Knightly of Devenleigh is an uptight fuss budget, tolerating nothing that isn't done his way. There is no time for frivolity in his life, leaving that job to his three younger brothers. When he hears that his siblings will be attending a "Virgin Auction" at the local brothel, he storms the place to stop them and the proceedings. There he finds Tess, the last girl to be auctioned, who seemingly begs him with her eyes to save her. William buys her and whisks her to his estate where she can be safe.

Tess is a firebrand, who has spent the past year trying to wrest control of her deceased father's shipping company from his nefarious partner 'Mad Jack' Andersen. But Mad Jack will do anything to keep that from happening.

Spending time together at Ravensdowne, William and Tess grate on each other's nerves. She's spent most of her life on the docks and lacks the class that William demands. He glowers and stomps around when things aren't perfect. Although they have a mutual attraction, they fight it throughout the entire book. With outside forces strive to keep them apart forever, will they ever find their happy ending?

Set in 1875 London, this novel has a lot of promise, but doesn't quite live up to the potential. There are many details that help envision the scene, but you don't get a full picture. The characters and plot are uneven, and some parts just don't make sense at all. The love scenes are somewhat crude and unimaginable. With another one or two re-writes, this book would quite good, but as it is, it lacks punch.
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