Crashed in Oasis

Verna Clay
Crashed in Oasis
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M.O.I. Publishing
Release Date
July 2014
Book 3 of Oasis Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Chick-lit, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Collin Banks has made treasure hunting his profession...and he's good at it! His latest project brings him to Oasis, Arizona where he's attempting to solve a hundred year old mystery of a gold heist from the Manfred Schneider Gold Mine. Locating the gold would put another notch in his already extensive resume. However, while flying his Cessna Skyhawk over the small town and surrounding desert, something goes horribly wrong and his plane crashes!

Dottie Arnez enjoys walking the wilderness road outside her ancestral home in Oasis. Over the past few months, though, she's begun to wonder if she's going through a mid-life crisis. Operating Dottie's Dime Store in the small town isn't as satisfying as it once was. She's come to the conclusion that her life is very boring! Little does she realize that during one of her evening walks an unforeseen event will forever change her daily routine. At great peril to her own life, she rescues a man from his downed plane. Pursued by news media, both she and treasure hunter Collin Banks escape to Florida where she finds herself diving for sunken treasure!

Perhaps Collin and Dottie are on the verge of discovering not only treasures hidden in the earth, but those hidden within the heart.

Book Review by Angie Just Read... (reviewer)
Aug 20, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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When she saved a man from a burning plane that had crashed, she never thought it would change her sedate, small town life forever.

When widow and small town dime store owner Dottie Arnez witnessed a small plane crash and catch fire as she walked along a desert trail outside her rural hometown of Oasis, Arizona, she instinctively pulled the pilot to safety, never realizing the man she'd saved was world renowned treasure hunter Collin Banks. When network news revealed the name and background of the crash victim, Dottie was stunned, but not enough to avoid quietly seeking out Collin Banks at a Phoenix hospital to make a sincere inquiry as to how he was faring after the crash. And Dottie, a down-to-Earth woman with a college-aged daughter, certainly had no inclination to respond to media invitations to provide an eye-witness account of the crash in exchange for a fleeting five minutes of fame at the expense of her privacy and that of the man she'd rescued.

Thanks to an angel named Dottie Arnez, Collin Banks survived the plane crash with a few scrapes, burns, and a broken leg, and he couldn't help but be thankful for Dottie's brave actions and the fact that she valued her privacy just as much as he valued his own. Regular visits from Dottie soon lead to an invitation to begin his recuperation in her rural Oasis home where he could continue his research into the legend of a long lost gold cache hidden near the little desert town. Collin couldn't pass up the chance to get to know Dottie better while continuing his research, and hiding out in Oasis would temporarily avert the media attention he'd receive if he returned to his own home in Key West.

The small town nobody and the famous treasure hunter never expected they'd find they had so much in common, including the budding development of feelings beyond mere friendship that both tried to hide. Just wanting to be near Collin, there was no way Dottie could turn down an invitation to his Key West home or the diving lessons that would allow her to take part in a dive on a shipwreck Collin and his team had discovered before his fateful crash outside Oasis. But the dive nearly proves deadly for Dottie, and Collin soon discovers someone tampered with his plane and is willing to take from him a woman that's become more precious than any other treasure he's ever uncovered.

Adding a dash of light suspense and treasure hunting to her repertoire of engaging contemporary romances in the Oasis series, Verna Clay once again takes her devoted fans to a quirky desert town where the reader becomes entrenched in the community and is quite happy to catch up with old friends and lovable acquaintances from past books in the series.

In CRASHED IN OASIS, Dottie Arnez, resident wallflower and minor character in the two previous Oasis books, comes to vivid life after heroically rescuing a stranger from a plane crash. Dottie's transformation from plain, unassuming, forty-something to vibrant woman occurs when divorced, jaded-in-life, world adventurer Collin Banks discovers a kindred spirit in Dottie and kindles in her a sense of adventure and a need to solve old mysteries that only rivals his own. Neither of these forty-something's is looking for love or companionship, and though they seem mismatched when they meet, Verna Clay soon has them falling into an easy, gentle love befitting a reserved woman like Dottie, rather than the somewhat fierier but always tasteful behind closed doors love scenes found in the previous two Oasis books.

Dottie's transformation at the hands of Collin, along with the bite of the adventure bug, and Collin's love for Dottie and his thorough appreciation for the quiet, laid back privacy and the folksy inhabitants of Oasis, makes for another fine trip to the Arizona desert. But, for now, Ms. Clay indicates she is moving on to new faces and new places, but since she has a fondness for the fictitious characters and old haunts she so adeptly creates, she notes she hasn't ruled out returning to Oasis in the future. As for me, I'm ready for Ms. Clay's contemporary romantic adventures no matter where she takes me!
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