Sapphire Blues

JC Wardon
Sapphire Blues


Turquoise Morning Press
Release Date
July 2014
Book 5 of The Cavanaugh Series
Action/Adventure Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal with Romantic Elements, Vamps & Shifters Romance

Can a Werewolf be stopped if a Mystic denies her Magic?

Police officer Sapphire Cavanaugh-White turned her back on magic soon after her ascension eight years earlier and hasn't looked back. But now, with all the local humans and wildlife living in fear of a murderous maniac, Sapphire may have no choice but to hunt down the animal who may also be a man.

To protect their nearly extinct species, Nicolae Lupei must find and destroy one of his own, while keeping their existence a secret. But, when he runs across the policewoman his brother may have infected, he finds his loyalties torn. Save her, or those he calls family?

BOOK INTERVIEW on September 2014
Interview by Laura

Hi JC, welcome once to The Romance Reviews! Your Cavanaugh Family series sound exciting!

Q: What's your inspiration for the series? What is the central theme that holds all the books together?

This thirteen book series actually began as a single story. One book. But there are three mystical identical sisters who are descended of a three thousand year old line they can trace, and a curse all have lived under all those millennia. So Mystic Thunder became the first of a trilogy that includes Touch of Lightning, and then Tempest's Embrace. The trilogy is a paranormal romance psychological thriller that has what I hope readers feel is an amazing journey, and an astounding conclusion. But… its ending was only the beginning… as there are now three sets of identical children by the sisters, and a nephew by marriage, whose life was greatly affected by the mystics' presence in Mystic Waters, West Virginia. Each one of those children has a story of their own, as each Cavanaugh descendant is also gifted with one of the three mystical powers every set of triplets inherit.

Q: Interesting! Please tell us about the Cavanaugh Family. What's the source of their magic?

The family is made up of loving individuals who put the care and safely of the family first, all of whom inherit powers meant only to be used for the good of all mankind. In essence, they are (sometimes reluctant) fixers in a world filled with problems. From the family diaries, which are very important in this series, they learn that in each generation of Cavanaugh triplets, there are these repeating mystical themes bequeathed to the children: The Enchantress, who is capable of casting or conjuring; the Regulator, who is capable of controlling all natural elements; and the Divine, whose spirit is free to discover truth. Though, and this is very important, for each subsequent generation, the individual gifts are distinctly different as are the resulting powers each one wields.

Q: Your books deal with magic and paranormal beings. What kind of research did you have to do in the course of writing your books? Please share an interesting fact or experience.

I have researched extensively for each book. For the first three, which share an overriding plot, I had to study the workings of the criminal mind so the secondary characters became completely believable. For the fourth book, Jewel of the Nile, I studied the ancient world of Egyptian Royalty, as my character is greatly affected by that time-period and the people in it. For the fifth book, Sapphire Blues, I wanted my werewolves to be distinctly different from everything out there, and much to my amusement, had Amazon question a term I'd used, which is in fact real when it comes to wolf anatomy! I also contacted a group of people who believe werewolves exist, to pick their brains before creating my own werewolf reality. And so on…

I am always researching to give credibility to suspend disbelief where my mystical and mythical characters are concerned. Just keep in mind what I research and what I write may be completely different, as I want the unexpected for the reader, not the same old thing they've read before.

Q: That's a great trait in a writer, especially as it benefits us readers. *grin* SAPPHIRE BLUES is the 5th book in the series. What came to you first: the plot or the character? Please tell us more about it.

The character came first, but because of who my heroine is, the plot wrote itself. This book flew from my brain through my fingers to the keyboard so fast, I could barely keep up!

Q: Who is Sapphire, the titular heroine of your story? What's her job as part of the Mystic Waters Police Force? What shaped her to be the person that she is?

Sapphire only used magic once after her ascension at age fifteen, which is when all the magical gifts had historically revealed themselves. But that one time was enough for her, since the results of using it were catastrophic. Now she works as a police officer patrolling the town of Mystic Waters, and the mountainous road on Mystic Mountain, to serve others, using only human skills.

Q: What about Nicolae Lupei? Tell us more about him. Why is his species nearly extinct?

Nicolae is the newly appointed Alpha male to the Lycanthrope pack, due to circumstances beyond his control. He doesn't know much about his own past until the end of the story. All he knows is what he has always been led to believe--that few others of their kind exist, and he needs to step up and protect their werewolf pack from all threats, including being discovered by humans.

Q: What was Nicolae and Sapphire's first meeting like?

This is a little tricky… because she doesn't know she's met him!


A flash of movement caught Sapphire's attention seconds after her hair came undone and smacked her already watering eyes. Whatever was there was gone too quickly for her to be able to identify if it was an animal or a large branch flying by. Belatedly the growing fiery heat across her wrist alerted her. Something had scraped her as it passed by. She didn't have time to dwell on the pain as the hailstorm intensified, pelting her with the stinging ping pong-sized ice-balls, making her cry-out as she was slammed by them again and again. Knowing she would have bruises all over, she slid down the tree's trunk and curled into as small a target as she could.

Sapphire expelled a long breath and tried to gauge the extent of her injury only to gasp in terror when something covered her head and body, pinning her arms down in a tight grip. She struggled against the blinding material, not knowing if it was a blanket or tarp someone was using to hold her down. Fury filled her, and she screamed, desperately trying to push whoever it was away, and then sanity returned and she stopped. "Dammit, Brad! Get off of me!"

There was no response in either movement or sound, and Sapphire growled. "I said get off of me!"

The pressure around her eased and Sapphire fought against the covering until it finally landed at her side. There was no one around. The wind and the hail had stopped. She sat, frozen with confusion, before remembering to look at the arm that was still burning and now starting to itch. Blood seeped slowly from the three-inch-long gash.

Q: I guess that's Nicolae holding her down! *grin* What was their most romantic moment?

There are many! Both romantic, and pretty steamy at times. It's hard to pick one… but I think it's after he messes up really bad, and she has to either forgive him, or send him "pack"ing! (Sorry! Play on words!) ;)

Q: What makes Nicolae perfect for Sapphire and vice-versa?

Whew! Once they meet, they can't get enough of the other. She needs him to open her heart to the magic of love, and her mind to her magical strengths, and he needs her to open his eyes to see what's really happening in the werewolf world. It's hard to answer this question without giving so much away!

Q: You mentioned that there are 13 books in the entire series. Do you have the entire series mapped out or do things come to you as you go along?

Both. I had a general idea of what each book is about, and have since before the third one was finished, but I let my characters chart their own course based on their personalities, and gifts, when met with the conflicts and challenges they must face. Sometimes I think a story will go one way, but the character sends it another. And always, I believe, for the better. The really cool result of this is that even I can't predict the story details, or the ending. I love that! My mantra is Expect the Unexpected… and believe me, I end up blown away sometimes by what my characters will do to survive! And, I love the "OMG!" ah-ha! reactions from readers when something comes to light at the end of a book, that they never saw coming!

Q: Which character was the most difficult to write in the entire series? Why?

I have to say the most difficult character to write to date was Burt Thompson, the antagonist in the first three books. This guy is one mean piece of work, and his actions, and those of the woman he married, will shock many readers. Even my editors, and reviewers, have agreed--this guy is really scary! And though I don't want to give anything away, readers may see him again in the future….

Q: Which character surprised you the most in that he/she didn't turn out the way you initially envisioned him/her to?

Wow… Without question, it is one of Destiny's sons. The youngest triplet, Heracles (pronounced Heir-a-klez) is introduced in book four, and by the time he showed up in book six, I was calling my publisher in distress! His book, Sons of Cavanaugh: Heracles, doesn't come out until 2015, and I'm shaking in my boots! I've never imagined writing this type of character before!

Q: What's up next in the series? Please give us a sneak peek!

Cavanaugh Family Series Book 7, Luna's Landing, was just completed, so now we begin the editing rounds on it, and it's slated to come by the end of September. This is a mermaid tale, and I have to say, one of the hardest to write so far. But I am so pleased with the results, I just can't begin to say how pleased!

Q: What's up next for you?

I am starting on book 8, Soleli's Secret, then continuing writing book 9, Celestial Liaisons, both of which are to release in 2014. That will be a total of nine Cavanaugh Series books out in 2014, so the remaining four will be out next year. And then…. I have an off-shoot series on two of these books, but that's a discussion for another time.

Q: Do the books in the series have to be read in order?

The first three books, The Cavanaugh Sisters Trilogy, do need to be read in order. Otherwise they would make little sense, and you wouldn't have the very important background for the books to come. The remaining ten do not have to be; however, it is definitely better if they are. Because this is a family where each member is living an emotional journey as they gather often to solve one issue or another, the love interest of each and sometimes their current situations will come up in a subsequent book. Also, upcoming books are always foreshadowed lightly by characterization, or hints of upcoming events or conflicts. I'm hoping those who read this series feel like part of the family, and the journey, by the time the reading is done.

Thank you so much for having me! I wish everyone, Happy Reading!

Thank you, JC! Awesome that we've got a lot of books to look forward to!

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JC Wardon lives her books while she's writing them, in the hopes you also live her stories while reading. Though fantasy, extensive historical research goes into her character's lineage so she knows just who they are. You will too...though there are things about them that will never come to light until later… sometimes books later. Every action, every reaction, is based on who these characters are so you know whether they are good people or not. But be warned…not all of JC's characters are nice. Some, not nice at all. Mystical, Magical, Humorous, Tragic, Mysterious, Suspenseful, Enticing, Stimulating, Titillating, and sometimes even Horrifying are the building blocks of a JC Wardon book, and the Mystic Waters Books are filled to the brim with all…...and even a little, or a lot, of Romance thrown in, too!

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