Jillian's Master

Cooper McKenzie
Jillian's Master
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Release Date
February 2011
Book 5 of Club Esoteria
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Hall Industries needs a savior, and Jillian's been tasked with talking Gunner McNeil into being that financial angel.

As soon as he sees the guest submissive, Gunner knows he could spend the rest of his life playing with her. But when an orgasm relaxes him into a short nap, she disappears without a word. On Monday, he meets her again in the capacity as his liaison and guide for the week.

Gunner decides to combine business with pleasure and continues Jillian's training as he inspects the company. Jillian learns about herself and BDSM under Master Gunner's tutelage but wonders if she is enough. When Gunner leaves town without a word after naming the conditions for his help, Jillian has to decide if she can make the changes he requires.

Will he return to finish her training? Or will he invest his money in her company without investing his heart in their budding D/s relationship?

Book Review by Michelle R
Mar 03, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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BDSM fans, if you haven't visited Club Esoteria yet, it is time. JILLIAN'S MASTER, book five in the series, is a short, sweet ride as a Dom and sub find each other in the most common of ways…by accident!

It's Jillian's thirtieth birthday and her best friend Blaze isn't going to go along with the idea of a bottle of wine and a good book to celebrate. Blaze is determined to get her friend laid, so it's off to the private club, Esoteria, in search of a good Dom to make this "old" girl feel alive. Jillian is a novice when it comes to the submissive lifestyle, but she is curious and decides to play along.

Master G is on the hunt for a submissive. In his forties, he is ready to settle down, but he can't find what he is looking for. And then in walks Jillian. Tall, curvaceous and totally stunning, she captivates him. The two share some passion and then Jillian flees while Gunner sleeps.

What was she thinking?

Monday morning she has put her temporary loss of sanity behind her and she steps into her father's business ready to convince Gunner McNeill that he should invest in their business and save them from financial ruin. Little did she know that Gunner McNeill is none other than Master G, and if she wants to have a new partner in business, she's going to be having one in bed this week, too.

I love how Gunner makes Jillian stretch her comfort zone. The staid daughter is used to wearing a bun and ankle length dresses, but Gunner isn't going to go for that. He takes her shopping and dresses her to stop hearts and start the water cooler gossip humming.

She takes all his commands like a trooper and underneath all the fretting, she is loving every minute of it. Gunner isn't a sadist. He doesn't play with floggers and they don't go for public play in the club. Humiliation isn't really his thing either. The man likes toys, spanking and LOTS of sex. This one is a pretty good choice for those who are new to BDSM books or BDSM Fetish Club centered books where the play can get pretty emotionally and physically intense. Not here. This shows the loving and sensual side of the BDSM spectrum.

If you just have a little time for a short hot read, this is a great one to check out. The story isn't complex, but it hit all the key elements and left a smile on my face. Cooper McKenzie is one of my favorite erotic authors. Her style is so smooth that I find myself slipping right in and becoming oblivious to all the distractions around me.

An innocent, sexy, fun treat. BDSM fans make sure to check this one out. …and ENJOY!
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