Hers By Request

Karen Ann Dell
Hers By Request


Soul Mate Publishing
Release Date
May 2014
Contemporary Romance

The tragic death of Amanda's fiance in Afghanistan eight months ago sent her back to the cottage where she'd spent her childhood summers to heal her heart and start a new life. Her accounting business was off to a slow start and the summer cottage was losing the battle with Maryland's winter weather. The one thing that got her through many a cold, sleepless night was the warm voice of a local deejay and the songs he played.
Devlyn MacMurphy had finally been released from Walter Reed. The damage to his arm from the roadside bomb did more than destroy his career, it became the never-ending reminder that his best friend had given his life to save him. Now, instead of playing the piano, he played deejay on the late-night request hour he called Dev's Dream Machine. It is past time to keep the promise he'd made Danny in Afghanistan, but when the woman he is supposed to look after turns out to be one of his frequent callers, his survivor guilt starts its own war --against the instant attraction he feels for Amanda Adams. He's given only a few seconds to decide-- is honesty always the best policy?


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