At Her Beck and Call - Part II

Mistress Benay
At Her Beck and Call - Part II

DSC, Inc.
Release Date
December 2013
Book 2 of Female Domination Series
BDSM, Erotic Romance

Mistress Benay is an Experienced Dominatrix from Colorado who has been an Ardent Believer in Female Domination for many years. She has already established herself in the BDSM World as a successful writer with her extremely popular Female Domination Series titled "At Her Beck and Call. Mistress Benay has always been one to Practice what She Preaches, as evidenced by the fact that She conducts personal Domination Sessions with men, women, and couples who are interested in building a Female Led Relationship. She has turned her real life husband into a Willing Slave who worships the ground that She walks on and caters to all her needs. In Part I of her Female Domination Series "At Her Beck and Call", Mistress Benay explained how any Woman could take control of her Relationship, and turn her husband or partner into a willing slave. Now with the release of Part II, Mistress Benay goes even further and much more in-depth by giving exciting details about some of her Double Domination Sessions, the Cuckolding of her personal slave, and step by step procedures for making Male Chastity a working part of a Female Led Relationship. In addition to her work as a Dominatrix and Author, Mistress Benay recently opened "Mistress Benay's BDSM Bed & Dungeon", a First Class B&B in Pueblo, Colorado which has a very unique twist compared to your average Bed and Breakfast. This B&B has a Fully Equipped Dungeon Suite which occupies the entire Third Floor of the Home. The Dungeon is furnished with a tremendous selection of Bondage Furniture and Equipment to meet all the BDSM Play needs of her guests.


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