Spanking Cupid

Dana Littlejohn
Spanking Cupid
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Secret Cravings Publishing
Release Date
February 2011
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Multi-cultural/Multi-racial Romance

Sabena Darin had the equivalent of a school girl crush on Gavin Brooks, a guy she worked along side of for the last two years. He was volunteered to be the office Cupid and pass out the goodies.

As she walked by his office, Sabena saw him bent over retrieving something that fell to the floor. Her imagination went crazy and she pictured herself slapping his butt with gusto. Gavin caught her eying him and warned her that spanking Cupid had consequences.

Despite his warning and with his permission, Sabena gave into her urge. It wasn't until later in the day did find out warnings were put in place for a reason.

Book Review by Michelle R
Mar 18, 2011   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Short and funny office romance that had me laughing until my eyes popped out.

SPANKING CUPID is a very short story. I read it on my Kindle so I am going to have to take a guess here, but I would think it is around twenty-five pages long. Let's face it. That's short, so you can't expect uber character development and a massive plot to be executed.

What you can expect is a break that will put a smile on your face and have you rubbing your bottom in sympathy pains. Frankly, it is just the right length for that car pool wait in the afternoons.

Sabina wants two things: a man who will spank her and to get to know the office hottie, Gavin, better. One out of two isn't a bad take on Valentine's Day when she is assigned to be Gavin's partner while developing a commercial for his and hers personal lubricant.

I found the dialogue in the beginning a little contrived. When Sabina said, "Aww man" to her boss, that just sounded a little off. Nothing in the story had established casualness between the two and nothing after confirmed their familiarity. In fact, many incidences in this story were inappropriate for an office.

One of the best scenes in the book was when Sabina was sharing a past sexual encounter with her friend. That part of the story flowed naturally. It seemed realistic and I could feel his confusion over her desires and her embarrassment and pain with his response.

For the most part I was chuckling at the ridiculousness of it. Can you imagine finding a man on all fours picking up candy off his office floor and looking at you and saying, "You want to slap my ass? Go ahead, Sabina, slap my ass" when you've never had a conversation of any merit before? Come on. That's funny stuff! I have to take my laughs where I can get them.

But in all seriousness, I didn't find much in the way of character consistency. Gavin is the office party planner. He is in charge of decorations, but his own home is decorated in a masculine sparseness. One minute he seems very submissive, and the next he is handing out slaps of his own and taking charge. I guess they call that a "switch" in the lifestyle, but it just felt inconsistent to me. Where was the take charge account executive?

About 70% into the story the two actually "hook up". I really expected it to come sooner in such a short read. That part was well written. Dana Littlejohn does know how to write the heat. Trust me, you will be satisfied.

The end was a little too fairy tale for me, but I have to say, if you want to fill a half an hour or so, this one will make you laugh and put a blush on those cheeks. It's one to keep in mind when short on time. Enjoy!
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