Body Language

Denise A. Agnew
Body Language
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Liquid Silver Books
Release Date
July 2014
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Sometimes you just have to go home. Hoping to finally escape a relentless stalker, Lizbeth Cauldwell returns to her hometown, where she finds her childhood friend, Thomas, has become an oh-so-sexy police officer. As passion ignites between them, danger draws near, and the evil Lizbeth hoped to escape not only threatens their lives, but their new-found happiness. Denise A. Agnew has penned a powerful, suspenseful romance in her newest novel, Body Language.

She runs. She hides. But the stalker is determined to find her…

Lizbeth Cauldwell escaped the boardroom and her city life to forget a fierce attack. When she returns to the tranquility of her old home in Arizona, she discovers harmony she never expected when she takes over a bar and grill. There she discovers another thing as mind-boggling as the evil that stalks her. Her once skinny, shy childhood friend Thomas Giancomo has transformed into one grade-A, powerful, gorgeous man.

He never runs. He never hides. But a stalker is determined to hurt the woman he dares protect…

Memories of strong, sexy Lizbeth kept ex-soldier, now cop Thomas Giancomo alive during a long stay in the harsh desert. Thomas is determined to protect her and to feel her surrender to raw passion in his arms. When danger draws them closer, one intense night proves that long suppressed desires and feelings are too heated to ignore.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 09, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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If an awkward childhood friend turned sexy cop tries to offer you protection, jump in with both feet and deal with the fallout to your heart later.

Lizbeth Cauldwell, the new owner of the Foxfire Bar and Grill, is seeking safety and sanctuary in the small town of Houndstooth, AZ after a vicious attack by a stalker in Phoenix left her scared and scarred. A bonus to moving to the small town is reconnecting with the deputy sheriff, longtime childhood friend Thomas Giancomo.

Tom is a distraction that Lizbeth can't afford, since it seems like the stalker has found her once again. Unfortunately her traitorous body wants him with a ferocity that she can't ignore. When her stalker delivers his warning yet again, all bets are off as Tom refuses to let Lizbeth out of his sight ever again.

BODY LANGUAGE is an extremely short story (about 47 pages), but even with the brevity I had a hard time getting through this story. Basically, it was the same scenario over and over again. Lizbeth is attracted to Tom so she treats him like a 4th grader and is mean to him. He's sweet and caring so she feels bad. Then she's mean again. Then he is bone-meltingly hot so she can't wait to jump him. But he'll break her heart so she's mean again. Let's make out! I don't need a protector. Do me in the office! Lizbeth just went back and forth and it absolutely drove me bananas. She was standoffish, yet by the end of the book she was clingy and loving.

Added to an unlikable character is some seriously cheesetastic sentences, such as

"Come in here again, and your ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower. Come anywhere near Lizbeth Cauldwell and you'll be one hurting unit."

Oh dear.

The villain is caught fairly early in this story, leaving the rest of the book for some gratuitous sex scenes that were vanilla at best.
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