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Katrina Strauss
Only You
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Loose Id
Release Date
July 2014
Book 5 of Blue Ruin
BDSM, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ

Derek and Blue are settling down after their first eventful year together. To Derek's relief, Blue's managed to avoid kidnappers, mobsters, and murderers, not to mention he's stopped suggesting those hot but complicated threesomes. Their love is strong, the BDSM play kinkier than ever, but the couple is learning the normal, everyday world comes with trials of its own.

Derek faces the crunch as finances grow strained. Blue struggles to accept his best friend Jodi's new relationship with a sexy but questionable boyfriend. And then there's their parents. Between a visit from Derek's estranged mother and a looming scandal with Blue's high profile father, simmering tensions threaten to erupt.

When Derek takes an out-of-town job, he faces temptation in the form of the attractive young man "who might have been." Meanwhile, Blue is left home to weather the brewing storm alone, and when a lie comes to light, it may well be unforgivable. As the distance between Master and servant grows by more than just miles, can their hard-earned love endure?

Book Review by BookAddict (reviewer)
Aug 26, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Derek and Blue have gone through some of the worst experiences together and come out with a stronger bond. It is ironic that when guns and threats of death aren't involved, their relationship starts to fall apart. In this final chapter, Ms. Strauss brings to us Derek and Blue in their not so happily ever after. A relationship takes constant work and which is quite apparent to Blue when things go awry.

Ms. Strauss does a great job in showing how just a couple of miscommunication will cause a fracture in a strong relationship. If both sides are not actively working to keep open lines of communication, it can cause one or both parties to be hurt. For me, this story is really focused on Blue and his growth. Blue is still very immature and selfish. Everything is about him and it's never more apparent when the reader witnesses how he treats Derek and April. He takes them for granted and when both move on, Blue is shocked. He now comprehends how both Derek and April feel when he stepped out on them. This is not to say there is any cheating by Derek. It's close and it's enough to give Blue a reality check and appreciate how good he has it.

The BDSM in this story is much lighter. There is still an undercurrent of D/s with Derek's instructions for Blue. Other than this, it's just kinky fun sex. It makes a reader think all relationships after the honeymoon phase will lessen in passion. This is a sad reality for Derek and Blue when faced with financial difficulties. Derek is one I connect with more because I understand his concerns and stress. In addition, he's the kind of dominant I fantasy about. Too bad he only likes boys.

The conflicts in this story are well written. Most of it is emotional pain which makes a reader hurt for the characters. Readers who love Derek will only fall harder for him in this story. He's truly a wonderful man. He is not without flaw. He does come with past festering wounds which are finally lanced. For him, it's a shift in perspective when he and his mother discuss the large pink elephant in the room. Derek's realization shocks him and finally brings some peace.

Ms. Strauss does this lovingly to each of her cherished characters in this series. It's beautiful how she helps them become something better. She brings out the best in her characters and at the end, a reader will sigh in happiness. Recommended for kink m/m lovers who wonder what happens when the honeymoon is over.
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