Dark (Stronghold)

Erin M. Leaf
Dark (Stronghold)
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Evernight Publishing
Release Date
July 2014
Book 1 of Stronghold
Erotic Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic, Romantic Suspense/Mystery

~Editor's Pick~

Greyson Dark doesn't like strangers in his territory.

Eva Waverley doesn't like being told to keep out.

After her father's suicide, hiking is the only thing that makes the bullying in Eva's new school bearable. When Greyson rescues her from a tumble, she falls for him despite his autocratic demeanor. She's leaving for college soon—what does it matter if she crushes on a man everyone else fears?

Greyson suspects Eva is his true mate, but duty demands he remain aloof. She doesn't know he's a long-lived Sentry, sworn to protect Earth from an ancient alien menace. When she leaves for college, he's relieved, but four years later she comes back, all grown up and more gorgeous than ever.

Greyson can't afford to care for a mortal woman, no matter how compelling. Hackers are attacking Stronghold, the Sentries' net, and Spiders are swarming beyond the moon, but when Eva is attacked, he discovers he can't just let her die…

Book Review by Isabelle (reviewer)
Sep 04, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Have you ever imagined if aliens exist? Have you ever dreamed how they look alike? In DARK, they are hot, tall and dangerous!

Eva Waverly is hurting. Her father killed himself, her mom decided to start over in a different place, and on top of all that, she has to deal with being the new student on senior year. There is only one place where she feels safe, and she spends all her free time there. Four years later, after finishing university, because of that spot on the woods and its mystery man, she comes back looking for closure. May she dream of more?

Greyson Dark takes his obligations very seriously. He has been on Earth for a long time and it won't be now that he let a girl distract him from his duties. The problem is that she doesn't listen to him. He suspects she is important, but his job is even more important and history has taught him to keep temptation away. Will he be strong enough?

The book is fast-paced, easy to follow, with a great conflict and it left me wanting more. The world Ms. Leaf has created is very interesting. Aliens, humans, advance technology and passion are all mixed in this book. It is a different and better approach about aliens and how they can live among humans.

I like all characters. I could relate, connect and understand them. I'm also interested in several secondary characters and I'm looking forward to read about them in the next installment of the series.

What I have enjoyed the most in this book is this breath of freshness and creativity that Ms. Leaf has brought within her plot. Of course the lovable characters adds nicely to the tale and the panty-wetter passionate scenes are a great bonus.

I would recommend DARK to everyone out there that would like to meet a family of six foot plus, mouthwatering aliens. I also believe that anyone that enjoys a sexy read would love to be "abducted" by this book.
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