Hardworking Man

Kat Oliver
Hardworking Man
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Loose Id LLC
Release Date
July 2014
Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

There are few things in life more enticing than a hardworking man, especially when that man is heavy equipment service technician Michael "Jake" Jacoby. With some of the best hands in the industry, Jake spends his days breathing life into dead machinery. When he agrees to work on a repair and maintenance manual with a corporate-hired technical writer, he has no idea he'll be reunited with Jessica Cooper, his post-high school fling. A misunderstanding throws a wrench in their initial meeting, but they soon pick up where they left off seventeen years agoŚwith Jake's touch keeping Jessica running on all cylinders.

While producing enough heat to weld steel, their feelings for one another quickly intensify. Tender and dominant, Jake is a study in contrasts, and his confident and protective nature make Jessica feel safe and adored. At the same time, her beauty, brains, and boldness fuel his passion. The more time he spends with her, the more he believes their reunion was no coincidence, but she's been hurt before. And Jake will need every skill at his disposal to convince her they're meant to be together.

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Sep 12, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Mmmmmmm, there's something just so sexy about a real man's man, one who's not afraid to get his hands dirty...or getting dirty with a woman.

Back when they were just kids, Michael "Jake" Jacoby and Jessica Cooper shared a brief but scorching summer fling before heading off to college. Seventeen years later, the two are thrown back together on the job when Jess has to interview Jake for a heavy equipment manual she's working on. As a freelance technical writer, Jess is all about keeping her reputation spotless, and that means that no matter how much she wants to jump Jake's bones, he's strictly hands off.

Too bad Jake isn't about to take no for an answer, especially when he realizes that Jess very well may be "the one." Convincing her to give them a real shot is going to take a lot of hard work, but Jake's never shied away from doing what needs done.

HARDWORKING MAN started off with a salute to the Stone Temple Pilots, one of my favorite bands of all time, so immediately I was smiling over this story and picturing my own high school time spent making out in a car. There's nothing quite like a book about a REGULAR Joe, warts and all, and I appreciated the real factor that Ms. Oliver gave us with both Jake and Jess.

Jake's got Jess' 4 "C's" in spades: compassion, confidence, confrontation when necessary...and hands filled with calluses. He's an everyday guy who falls in love with an everyday girl, Jess being a perfect fit to his rough around the edges persona. She was refreshing and I loved how she was so honest and upfront about her wants and needs.

Speaking of wants and needs, wooooWEEE I NEEDED a cold shower after some of those sex scenes! Between their incredible chemistry and the fireworks that ignited whenever the two of them made love, I could've sworn my ereader was about to melt.

HARDWORKING MAN is a good book, nothing earth shattering or unique but well written and sexy. My only eye roll came with the abundance of engine or technician puns thrown out there. Even so, HARDWORKING MAN is a great way to spend an Indian summer weekend relaxing in the sunshine.
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