Risqué Reunion

Rayne Bexley; Aurora Black; Harper Jewel; Oliver Lixx; Ava Snow; Cleo Taurus
Risqué Reunion
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Dragon Guild Management & Publishing
Release Date
July 2014
BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Ménage or more

When four long-time friends, former college roommates who went their separate ways after graduation, decide that texts, phone calls, and weekly Skype conversations are no longer enough, they all agree a weekend get-together is in order. An invitation by the only married one in their quartet is extended, and the plans begin. As the women prepare for their no-holds barred visit to the O'Connell home, each one recalls their sexual fantasies with the group—some realized, some not, some that just barely touched the edge of the erotic vision. Even the lone male in the group recalls his prior interaction with the three soon-to-be-arriving guests. With anticipation and arousals ignited, they are all looking forward to their Risqué Reunion. But none of them are prepared for the O'Connell's nosy neighbor. Will the voyeur next door ruin all their fun, or will they find a way to make the weekend better than any of them ever expected?

Book Review by Delta (reviewer)
Aug 18, 2014   [ OFFICIAL REVIEW ]
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Sometimes not even a Xanax can make you feel as good as some crazy sexy and well written erotica, and these six authors have written a story that fans of girl on girl action will go insane for! RISQUE REUNION blows in like a volcano (pun totally intended) and doesn't let up till the very end.

Amanda and Liam O'Connell have been married for 8 years, and are still completely smitten with one another. Liam loves that Amanda makes it a priority to mix things up in the bedroom to keep their sex life incredibly hot. Even so, Liam is floored when Mandy announces that she and her three college girlfriends have planed a sex-filled weekend with each other...and him...when they come to visit! Liam's always thought Mandy's girlfriends Raylin, Charlie and Diana were sexy as hell, and the thought of getting to enjoy them all sends him through the roof!

Each woman has her own memory of just how sexy Mandy and Liam both are, and none of them can wait for the naked fun to get started! And when Mandy and Liam's sexy next door neighbor Alexis gets caught peeking by Diana the Domme, her punishment may be more than the "peeping Gladys" can handle!

OH HELL, RISQUE REUNION is one seriously hot read! I went crazy for the adventurous Mandy and the fabulously kinky ideas she came up with to keep her hubby's motor running! Getting her girlfriends together for a sex-fest extravaganza was a total turn on!! I can't even tell you how freakin' lucky Liam is...dude has better get his wife something epic for Christmas is all I have to say!

While this book is straight up erotica, there is so much love and mutual adoration between every single character that it didn't feel like skeezy porn. All of the women were sexy, smart and funny and complemented one another, and Liam, so very well. Their relationship felt completely organic and peaceful, and even though the prior girl on girl action between them was minimal, it didn't come across as awkward or anything but amazing love and deep friendship.

I loved the concept that the 6 (count them, SIX) authors put together, too. Rayne Bexley, Aurora Black, Harper Jewel, Oliver Lixx, Ava Snow and Cleo Taurus took on a character each, molding that person to their kinktastic thoughts yet coming together seamlessly and effortlessly. This book was incredibly well written and, while very brief, captivated me effortlessly. I would LOVE to see another installment with these friends, or maybe featuring the nosy neighbors who get off on watching Mandy and Liam's live sex shows through the window! RISQUE REUNION definitely left me wanting MUCH more from Mandy, Liam, Raylin, Charlie and Diana for sure. GREAT job!!
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